Wrong side of the tracks . . . Photoshoot with Mike Froger

I love vintage photographs of travellers and railway tracks, there is always a story, a mystery to wonder about! Mike Froger is a photographer I had wanted to work with since I had seen and loved the shoots he has done with some other NZ pinups, he has a great style of sexy yet classy vintage glamour with a bit of edge!

The Glenbrook Railway Station provided the perfect setting of abandoned train tracks and La Vonne of Tock Tick Vintage provided the perfect props of the vintage gloves, bag, brooch and of course the divine faux fur coat I am wearing!

I love how these turned out!

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It was a chilly and windy winters day, and the rain caught us a few times… but I think it added a moody windswept look that worked well! I surprised myself by discovering I could balance in stilettos on one track too, and I thought I was uncoordinated…

Photographer – Mike Froger
H&MU – Myself
Coat and props – Tock Tick Vintage
Leather waspie corset – Orchard Corset

Thanks so much Mike and La Vonne!

I hope you enjoy these shots ♥

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