Which Rago will work for me? A go to guide!


I’ve done a few posts now about Rago shapewear, it’s not secret I’m a big fan! I haven’t yet met a Rago I didn’t like, but there are A LOT of different styles and some work better than others for different body types, problem areas and depend on the outfit you are planning on wearing your shapewear under! Cinchers, girdles, level of shaping, garters, open bottom, lacette… so many options, which one do you choose?

Rather than a review, in this post I will look at some popular Rago shapewear types and styles, and summarise what their various strengths are, in my experience! In that spirit, the styles here are all ones I own and wear ūüôā From what I’ve seen, the majority¬†¬†of women who wear or want to wear shapewear desire a good amount of control and shaping, I certainly do! So all of the styles I have tried and am going to mention are firm or extra firm level of shaping.

Here are 3 types of shapewear, compared to wearing none at all. The extent of overall smoothing and shaping is a bit hard to see in the photos, but all of these take 1-2 inches off various areas ūüôā


Waist Cincher (also known as a Waist Nipper)
I have Rago cinchers in 3 different styles (It’s my favourite!!) – the Rag0 21¬†(firm shaping with garters), Rago 821¬†(firm shaping) and Rago 2107¬†(extra firm shaping with garters).
cinchersAll 3 of these styles come in various colours and on me, there is no discernible difference between the firm and extra firm, I would just choose whichever colour you like and whether you want garters or not. The garters on these styles are removeable.
Best for:
-Defining the waist to create an enhanced hourglass figure (by a few inches, it won’t work like a corset!)
-Overall smoothing of the tummy area
-Shorter than an open bottom girdle, if you are sitting for long periods, there is nothing to dig into your bottom
-Wearing with trousers, shorts or shorter dresses
When I would wear this: Every day! My problem area is around my middle only, so I find this shapewear perfect for me, as it targets specifically my waist and really nips it in (30 inches to 28 inches) , while not having anything over my bottom and legs.

Open Bottom Girdle
The Rago 1294 is a very popular girdle! It is extra firm shaping, and has a side zip with hook and eye closures to make getting it on a little easier. It has 6  non detachable garters.
Best for:
-Overall shaping and smoothing of the waist, tummy , bottom and hips
-A great all rounder
-Greater coverage (you won’t see your knickers)
When I would wear this:¬†I love the look of this girdle and it is one I wear for photoshoots or when it might be seen! It doesn’t bring my waist in quite as much as the waist cincher, but does take in a good inch over the waist and hips, I would recommend this or the long leg shaper if your lower half is the area you are wanting to minimise!

High waist long leg shaper (Shaping shorts)
The Rago 6207 is an extra firm high waist long leg shaper. It has 4 detachable garters, and the stocking tuck up into the leg (they look a little like a more attractive version of bike shorts!)
Best for:
-Overall shaping and smoothing of the waist, tummy , bottom and hips
-A smoother line than the open bottom girdle
-Another great all rounder
-Wearing with trousers
-Targetting thighs
When I would wear this: Under tight trousers or a wiggle dress where I didn’t want to see a seam showing, or I wanted a bit of bottom and thigh shaping!

Stockists and more information
In my opinion, Rago shapewear is very reasonable priced, but like any good undergarment shapewear it is an investment and you get what you pay for! So a little time spent on research and maybe asking a few questions can save you the expense of return and exchange postage.

I hope you have found this guide helpful, and I am always happy to answer questions! Contact me through my contact page, or on Facebook ūüôā

Lorelei Louise xx


Raving about Rago… vintage shapewear Part 2

In my last post here, I shared my experience with the Rago 6207 High waist long leg¬†panty girdle (I’m going to call them shaping shorts, as that’s a bit of a mouthful!). Which just to recap, is the best item of shapewear I’ve tried to far, vintage or otherwise! I have been wearing them most days and they really are so versatile and flattering and create such a lovely shape under vintage styles.¬†Needless to say,¬†I was pretty excited when my order from Orchard Corset arrived, with the Rago 6109 High waist panty girdle and the Rago 21 long line waist cincher!

Now as I mentioned in my previous post, I am trying out these garments wearing a dress I don’t wear at the moment as I find it clings around my middle – which I consider my personal “problem” area! So will this shapewear make my favourite dress perfectly wearable again like the shaping shorts did? Let’s see!

Rago 6109 High Waist panty girdle

The Rago high waist panty girdle (product details here)¬†is the non shorts sister of the Rago shaping shorts, and¬†also come in both black and white¬†colours, a lace¬†version and an option with a side zip. I decided to try a size down from a 30¬†to a 28¬†and the white colour this time. The size 30 in the¬†shaping shorts¬†took an inch off my waist and hips so will be interesting to see what the smaller size does! I also enlisted the help of my lovely sister as an extra guinea pig…


This is my beautiful sister au naturel, her measurements are 36-29-38

And wearing the Rago high waisted panty girdle…

Rago_6109_Ky Rago6109_Ky_2

The panty girdle took 1 inch off both hips and waist and lifted and smoothed very well, creating a nice silhouette under this very body hugging wiggle dress from PinupGirl Clothing’s Dixiefried range.

And on myself, it also took¬†1 inch off both hips and waist, the same as the shaping shorts. I haven’t included photos as they look just the same as the shaping shorts! They felt nice and firm at the top and still comfortable, even in the size down, I am thinking my ideal pair will be the shaping shorts in the size 28 now! However they did feel a little tight (but not cutting in)¬†around the leg elastic, my sister noticed this also (even on her skinny pins!)¬†So¬†these might not be¬†the best style if you don’t like anything snug around panty line, but¬†would be a great option¬†if you¬†prefer the look of the panty over¬†of the long leg version and don’t mind the snugness around the leg.

Rago 21 long line waist cincher

Now this looked exciting! (Product details here)

Rago cincher ky¬†First, on guinea pig one…

Kylie loved this, and said is was her favourite! She isn’t a regular wearer of vintage, but said this was a garment she would definitely wear. The cincher took 2 inches off her waist.


The first thing I noticed when I tried this on is that to get it to look right and not create a bulge at the top under the bra is that you need to pull it up much higher than the model on the website… right under the bra. Which is¬†quite a different look than I expected but creates a nice seamless one piece appearance.¬†The size 28 wasn’t too hard to do up on my 31 inch waist and felt firm but comfortable. I liked how supportive it felt, without feeling constrictive.

Rago cincher nat

It took 2 inches off my waist and made my problem¬†tummy area completely flat! Amazing! But to get my tick of approval, I have to be able to wear it all day and not be dying to rip it off in the middle of the office…
AND… I actually found this even more comfortable than the shaping shorts! Sorry shaping shorts, I have a new favourite, was good while it lasted, I still love you though!

Rago compare Ky

Rago nat compare2

So the verdict!!

If you are wanting to minimise your middle, the Rago 21 waist cincher works a dream!

Rago is a high quality, affordable brand and has quickly become my favourite! The waist cincher and girdles I have reviewed here are great –¬†and importantly –¬†everyday wearable¬†options to achieve a smooth enhanced hourglass figure under vintage style dresses and even trousers.

The shaping shorts are also fantastic, they too have awesome smoothing powers and the bonus of bum boosting and thigh thinning!

Don’t be¬†afraid of¬†erring on the small side for¬†sizing – in my experience these garments stretch and mould to your body wonderfully without discomfort!

What are your experiences with vintage shapewear? What are your favourites? I would love to hear about your own shapewear successes… and fails!

I have ordered this little beauty from Rita Sue Clothing, and am very excited to try it and let you all know how it erm… shapes up ūüėČ


Also keep an eye out for an upcoming review on the Dominique 7749 longline Push-Up Brasselette, for a girl who would not normally go near a strapless bra, this is pushing my boundaries!

Natalie xxx