The Vintage Addict Diary: 28 August 2015

So I’m trying something new here, a regular weekly “column”, published every Friday! I hope this can be a pick’n’mix of vintage style, beauty, home decor and current happenings, as well as featuring some stylish and inspirational people! You can think of it as Lorelei’s take on the world – the condensed version, one week at a time…

My Week
What’s been happening in my bubble …
11938900_10153156464056973_1870829960_nWho needs The Block, when you can have Laundry Week at home? I have been working hard to complete the last part in our big kitchen renovation! Still many details to finish, but oh how lovely it is to do this mundane task somewhere colourful and pretty (and non stinky!) and to have a place to put all of those household bits and bobs! Bliss!

I got together with my good friend and NZ pinup, blogger and baker Miss Charlotte Cake to share an afternoon baking my mother’s famous American style twice baked cheesecake! Lot’s of laughs, and even if it still wasn’t up to Mama’s standard, still the best ever cheesecake in my book!


Lorelei Loves

11938236_10153156597331973_1131651264_nAfter being lucky enough to attend Cherry Dollface’s hair and makeup workshop while she was in NZ (write up of all the details plus tips and tricks here!), I decided I needed a good teasing spray to get maximum hair oomph from my fine locks!

This Redken teasing spray really made a big difference in both height and stay-
ability (that’s a word, right?). My new fave hair product!

I’m sure all fellow Erstwilder fans let out squeals of delight when they announced slideshow_2their new website this week!

Check out ALL the quirky animal, vintage and rockabilly inspired resin jewellery goodness, with over 300 different designs available here!

These are a few of my favourites!

Instagram account of the week

@MissHeroHollidayMiss Hero Holliday

I met this lovely lady at the recent Pinup Honey’s social event at the Langham hotel looking very glamorous, and it turns out she looks that fab every day!

I love her colourful outfits and attention to detail and accessories. And, a woman after my own heart, she mixes and matches genuine vintage with reproduction, thrifted finds, swapped items and modern pieces!

A Flash of Fashion & Style

I am drooling over the Lena Picnic dress from Trashy Diva! I love the rockabilly/western style and the detailing… and even better there is a matching Presley Picnic dress for the little girl in your life… to die for cute! I think the Classic Hardware heart necklace also available on the Trashy Diva site would add the perfect pop of colour too.

Since it’s been a painting week, not so many pretty outfits to share but here are a couple!


11911462_10153157852946973_1950730488_nTurquoise and pink are a colour combo I am really loving at the moment, both in fashion and in home decor! I wish I had unlimited rooms to decorate, I love experimenting with different colours..



Looking forward to hanging out with these special people! Miss Charlotte Cake, Fran Hendrickson and Rose Jackson

Tonight I am looking forward to attending NZ’s 2nd Beard and Moustache Competition at the Kings Arms Tavern! With prizes for the best beard and best moustache, competition is sure to be fierce among the hairy men… And no gender discrimination here, there is also a Whiskerina category for the ladies! All proceeds go the Child Cancer, so a fun night AND easing your social conscience… win, win!

On Sunday, one of my favourite events of the year is on… The Vintage Textile Fair! So much vintage goodness… sometimes it takes me a while just to take it all in. I always find something unique and there are plenty of bargains to be had too!

Thought of the Week


This week I had to remind myself that there will always be stupid people, who will try andget you down… rise above them!
Have a fabulous weekend, Spring is in the air!

Love Lorelei Louise xx

Love copper? 5 budget ideas friendly ideas for under $30!

I just love metallics in home décor! Gold, brass, bronze and especially copper! I love the warm tone of copper, with that hint of red, it really draws the eye and adds something a little different. Copper pieces will fit well into existing décor and can look great mixed up with other metallics. Here are some gorgeous bits and pieces, as well as some DIY ideas, to get the look for less!

1. Wooden picture frame with painted copper design
Grab a test pot of metallic copper and create a design on a plain wooden frame.
Here I have used Resene Copper Fire to create a slightly abstract geometric effect (that means I free handed haha!) on a simple $12 wooden frame from the Warehouse. I purchased this awesome mid century inspired digital print from House of Print Shop on Etsy ($7.50)and printed it on textured card stock to use in the frame.

2. Copper spray paint – so many options – only limited by your imagination!
I picked up this metallic copper spray paint from Super Cheap Auto for the bargain price of only $6.99!225339

Use tape to create a design on a plain white plate, then spray. Or give an old wire basket a makeover. Give jars, glassware or plain wooden items either an ombre or dip dyed effect!


3. Copper toned glass vase – The Warehouse $12

9417648932388_eI love this, it looks amazing on its own, or with some simple foliage or a single flower. A real bargain!







4. Wire storage basket – Bed Bath and Beyond $25

20150513_181011I love copper wire baskets, but they can get a bit pricey! This one is a steal at only $25, and there is a range of sizes as well!



5. Copper wire seed lights –

copper_seed_lightWire lights look amazing strung just about anywhere. Solarnights, link above, does a 50 light strand powered by AA batteries for only $15.






Well I hope you enjoyed this post and are feeling inspired!

Lorelei xx




Pinup DIY! Installing a floating shelf step by step


Have you got a good shoe collection? And excess of hat boxes? Need a place to display your collection of ceramic cats? In this post I am going to take you through an easy “DIY” project that requires minimal time and tools and is an inexpensive way to create more space for storage and display! Not only to these “floating” shelves create a pretty display, they are great for creating a practical little shelf space pretty much anywhere, and are especially handy for those little thought of areas – like above doorways and closets, above beds and wall mounted TVs. I also love how they add depth and texture to a wall arrangement and allow you to show small collectables and interesting objects alongside framed art.

Here are some of the different kinds available and different ways they can be used! They come in many colours, styles and sizes and could even be custom painted in any colour.

In my lounge, there are some to display old books (these are a metal bracket but are installed exactly the same way)  and shelf in a crown moulding style above the TV “wall” for family photos (Yes I love colour, and yes I have a lot of stuff!)

P1010331 20141023194426

P1010330 20141023194424

I have put one up next to my daughter’s top bunk since a bedside table would be impossible! And of course, in my room I have quite a few for shoes 🙂


P1010327Above my closet is a great spot since they make an out of the way display and I can see my favourites! I also have one as you walk in the front door as a landing pad for lipsticks, keys and other easily lost bits and pieces.

This is the shelf I am going to put up, on my side of the bed! Since I decided to re-arrange our bedroom and move the bed against the wall to accommodate more of my vintage obsessions…as a trade off, I got stuck with the wall side – fair enough! So, with the lack of a bedside table, a wall mounted shelf is the perfect solution. I have decided to go for a corner shelf in this instance, here it isP1010319

It cost $22 from Mitre10, and comes with all the necessary hardware to put it up.


Here is the view from the back, which shows how this “floating” business is accomplished! The 2 wooden “installation blocks” attached to the wall, and the decorative shelf fits onto them, with some small hidden screws on top to hold it firmly in place. Simple and brilliant! Because it is hollow, the shelf is also light weight.


With the shelf comes the 4 long screws to mount the blocks to the wall (as well as 4 wall anchors if needed), 2 small wood screws and 2 matching shelf coloured stickers to conceal the screws from the top.

As well you will need

P1010318Necessary –
Tape measure or ruler
Phillips screwdriver(s)

Nice to have-
Drill with correct size drill bits for both the large screws and wall anchors
Rubber mallet to tap the wall anchors into place
Stud finder (To find your wall studs… I wish this did something more exciting!)

Important! If you are attaching your shelf to your average “gib” wall, you will NEED to anchor it with wall anchors, otherwise it will fall off! If you have a stud finder or know where your wall studs are located – great! But unless blessed by some divine intervention, not all of your screws are going to line up with studs anyway. The ones included with this shelf require a drill. BUT if you don’t have one, don’t despair 🙂 You can buy these cheaply at a hardware store
20141023_100959These simply screw into the wall and don’t require any drilling. They DO make a rather large hole in the wall however, so make sure that’s where you really want that shelf or there will be some serious patching required! If you are going to use this method, just select the size that fit’s the screws provided with your shelf, and make sure you have a Phillips screwdriver for both the large mounting and small wood screws.


1. Decide where you would like to place your shelf and hold it up against the wall. Using a pencil, lightly mark at both ends, and both sides for a corner shelf.

2. Using your level (I couldn’t find my small one so have used this simple picture hanging tool), lightly draw draw a line between your marks, just a few mm below (so your fitted shelf covers the pencil lines)

3. These floating type shelves are designed so the block is shorter than the space it fits into, to allow you to position it to maximise stud positions. Mark the position of the space at the back of your shelf along your ruled line using the tape measure so you can position the block within that space. If there is a stud available in that space, you won’t need the wall anchor. Otherwise, just centre the block approximately. Holding the block against the line, mark the screw holes using a this sharp drill bit or screwdriver.

4.  I’d suggest flipping the power off to the room you are working in at your fuse box, just to be safe! Especially if you are drilling into the wall without checking the wiring behind. Electrocution might slow down this quick project! Drill your holes marked with the correct size drill bit for the long wood screws (mine was 5/32″). If you do not hit a wood stud, re-drill with a larger drill bit the size of the wall anchors (mine was 1/4″) – or screw in the non drill wall anchors. Tap in the wall anchors (if needed) with the mallet.

5. Mount block onto the holes using the 4 large screws, using either the electric drill or your Phillips screwdriver. Make sure it is firm against the wall without over tightening.

6. Place the shelf onto the blocks, and attach using the small screws and a small Phillips screwdriver. Cover the screws with the coloured stickers provided.

And that’s it! My kind of DIY… simple and satisfying 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, as warmer weather warms my lazy bones I have may more DIY projects coming up I can’t wait to share!

Lorelei Louise xx