My Photoshoot with Cherry Dollface + Tips for your pinup shoot!

Wow, it’s hard to believe been a whole two years since I had the amazing experience to meet and have my hair and makeup done by Cherry Dollface, and then have a photoshoot with the talented Katherine of Undefined Photography, at the Classics Museum in Hamilton. With Cherry about to arrive in NZ for her second trip down under, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the shots from my own photoshoot and also some tips and tricks for any newbie pinups doing their own shoots. I am definitely no professional model, but I have been behind the camera many times, over (too) many years – dabbling in vintage and pinup and before that a more glamour style.

I haven’t shared these images yet as I saved them for submission to a magazine, which unfortunately was unsuccessful! So I am quite excited to share them now!

All of you ladies that have booked in with Cherry for her hair and makeup and photoshoot packages and workshops are in for a treat – she really is a talented lady! My favourite part about my makeup was my eyebrows – wow …

You can read all about my photoshoot experience and what I learned from Cherry’s workshop in my previous post here 🙂

So here are the shots from my shoot – I was lucky to work with the multi talented Katherine from Undefined Photography. Katherine also has a fabulous style blog The Wardrobe – you can check it out here!

Some quick tips for getting great shots at your own photoshoots! 

  1. Do your research! Think about why, what, when and how much you would like to spend on your photoshoot. Look online,ask for advice on social media, get in touch with potential photographers, talk to friends. Have a clear idea what it is you want as this will help both you and the photographer. Do you want to shoot a variety of outfits in an outdoor setting? A “cheesecake” pinup shoot in a studio setting? Many shots or just a few of the best? Do you want a package with hair and makeup service included or will you do your own? Are there some particular looks or images you would like to use as inspiration? Also sometimes a photoshoot may seem a little expensive – but you are paying for a photographers expertise, time, equipment, software, business costs and so much more!
  2. Be prepared. This might seem really obvious, but many times I’ve forgotten something, and being stressed will definitely not help you get the best shots on the day! Put together, try on and pack neatly all of your outfits and any props you might need. It’s always better to throw something in just in case! Do your nails (neat and short is fine!) and eyebrows (or have them done) as these will really improve your grooming and overall look! If it makes you feel good, do a face mask or otherwise pamper yourself the night before and best of all drink lots of water and get a good nights sleep!
  3. On the day! You have your hair and makeup done, all your outfits sorted and are ready for lights, camera, action! Do what you need to do to make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether that means bringing a friend or partner, listening to music, even having a glass of wine! Don’t feel shy, just ask your photographer if it’s ok!
  4. Getting your best shot. Listen to your photographer! They have a wealth of experience and are happy to direct. No one expects you to know what to do! It’s completely ok 🙂 It may help to practice at home in front of a mirror beforehand just to get a feel of what poses and facial expressions make you feel sassy (only your cat will judge you!). When you are posing for your photos, each shot will probably be set up but vary your expression and make small adjustments to your stance or hands every few shots  – it will give you more to choose from!
  5. Most of all… have fun! A photoshoot should be a fun experience – enjoy being the star of your own show. Because you ARE beautiful, and the more you feel that, it will shine through!

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