My shapewear journey… raving about Rago!

There are a few little deceptions every girl is entitled to. Push up bras, concealer, mascara… and of course, shapewear. Although technically, one is just enhancing (or erm squishing) one’s own assets, so perhaps deception isn’t quite the right term. In any case, whatever your shape or size, if you are like me, there are certain parts of your body that you might feel less than confident about. That is if you are naked. When I was in my 20s, I felt great naked. I still feel good naked, but child bearing, breast feeding, time and gravity mean I like to feel good naked at home… not walking down the street. Which is why clothes, and shapewear under them, are every mother’s (and non mother’s) little helper!

I like to be comfortable, and I like my clothes to look good and well fitted on me. So shapewear and I have had a love-hate relationship. I remember being 3 months pregnant, heading out to dinner, and removing my control top pantyhose in the car and heaving them in the bin because I couldn’t stand the feeling. Not much has changed, I have a very limited tolerance for discomfort!

Before I discovered vintage shapewear, I tried a wide variety of control underwear, slips, and shorts. All kinds of wrong! The undies ride up my bum. The slips end up around my waist before I have even left the house. The shorts make me look like a lycra warrior, in beige. Still, there remained the persistent hope that the next thing I tried would work like magic…

Behold, my pile of Spanx!

Or should I say, graveyard?

I bought my first Rago undergarment last year, from Rita Sue clothing, a high waisted open bottom girdle in black, with a side zip. It felt like a miraculous garment! Instantly slimming and smoothing, it worked wonders under my pinup dresses. However it too, was not without it’s flaws. I loved it’s vintage look, it didn’t ride up, and I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance when I saw the number it did on my waistline. BUT, the long length and non detachable stocking clips meant it couldn’t be worn under shorter dresses, or trouser of course. And I found the zip made my underwear did into me after wearing it for a few hours. So it still remained a “special occasion” item of shapewear.

Recently, I read some very good reviews on Rago shapewear from 2 of my favourite blogs and Miss Victory Violet and Pin Up Persuasion, and I became very excited about trying out a Rago 6207 long leg high waist shaper. I ordered mine from Orchard Corset. My measurements are currently 36-31-39, and I ordered the size 30, a compromise between my hips being less than the size range and my waist being greater. They were surprisingly easy to wriggle into, considering they have no zip. And…. I found my magic pants! The instantly gave me a smooth shape and sucked in my mummy tummy, I tried a few of my tight wiggle dresses that I don’t wear at the moment as they are too snug and they looked amazing! They were higher than I expected, sitting right up at my bust line, and do require a bit of adjustment to not get a roll under the bra line. I liked how the stocking clips were removable, as I was planning on wearing them under trousers at times, so no stockings necessary. Ok, so here are my brutally honest photos, they aren’t great but they tell the story! I’m wearing my favourite pink Dixiefried dress, from Pinupgirl Clothing. I used to wear this dress all the time, but after putting on some weight, this is definitely not a dress I could wear and feel comfortable in without shapewear underneath!

Rago natural nat

Rago 6207 dress nat rago 6207 nat Rago compare nat

I took my measurements before and after, and this garment took 1 inch off both my waist and hips, and well as overall smoothing and some lifting of the derriere! Well they looked great, but I’d been through this before – would they stand the wearing test?? The answer is, yes! I wore these during an average busy day and they were definitely wearable. After a few days of wear, I barely noticed them at all. I love these so much, I whipped them off recently at a family dinner and got my sister and sister-in-law to try them too! Nothing like a bit of enthusiasm, my family are pretty used to this! And I ordered the Rago 21 waist cincher and 6109 high waist panty girdle 🙂

Next post, I will review both my 2 new Rago shapers both on me, and my lovely sisters – who have agreed to help me share with you Rago, on real bodies!

Natalie xx

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  5. About 5 years ago I found a professional corsetiere who fit me in a Rago 6210 long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. I come from a family living with my mother, grandmother, and aunt, who were daily in either a girdle, or a corset. They would never ever leave home without being girdled or corseted. I use to over hear them talk about being Girdle Dependent, I had always wondered as a male could I also become girdle dependent like them. I asked the corsetiere I used this question, and she said YES, that becoming girdle dependent doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, and that there are many health benefits to daily being firmly girdled. She told me that she will not just fit me in the right kind of make and model girdle that was right for me, but she would also put me through Girdle Training.
    The first thing she did was sit me down and talk to me about my life style, this has a lot to do with the kind of girdle that was right for me. I am fairly active, but for work I work on computers sitting, which is very bad for my posture, that is why she recommended the Rago 6210 girdle, this girdle gives needed stomach and back control and support. The corsetiere then measured both my hips and my waist, she picked a girdle that was 2 sizes smaller, keep in mind a girdle does stretch and to get the needed control and support you do need to tighter, but not too tight. The next she had to teach me how put on a girdle, she had me lay down on a bed, lean way back pull up my knees and pull on the girdle, then hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper, then she had me stand up. I was amazed how I felt when I stood up being well encased in a girdle, the support and control was amazing, I felt so much more energy and confidence. The corsetiere then told to me that it does take a little time to get completly use to benefits of being in a decent vintage girdle, and the key to it is to keep your stomach muscles always relaxed and just rely on the girdle to support your posture. To get use to doing this does take a few weeks, to even months, but it is well worth it. The next part of girdle training is to develop a daily routine, wake up clean up and put on your girdle everyday without question and go on with your day. After a few weeks wearing a girdle does become a habit, and you will find you love how you look and feel, it is really is amazing how wearing a decent vintage girdle every day really is.
    It is important to own a minimum of 3 girdles, one to wear, one in your girdle draw, and the other to cold wash and air dry.
    What you will experience choosing to be girdled everyday is your posture will improve 100 percent, you notice a dramatic increase and energy and confidence, your clothes will also fit much much better. I now even relax around my house in shorts and sweats either watching TV, reading or browing on the internet, but I am still in a decent girdle.
    Some people need to gradually become use to benefits of daily being in a girdle, some of us can just jump in. If you need to go slow you can start with SPANX, or a lighter Rago Girdle like Rago 6228, you will find you will be able to graduate eventually to Rago 6210 – whcih is the top of the line and probably most preferred.
    I am positive if you follow my steps you will find like I do will really love the benefits of dialy wearing a decent vintage girdle like Rago 6210 and you really will become a vintage addict.

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