You’re Never Too Old…

Well I’m at my parents place for the weekend, where after months of “gentle persuasion” from my mother, I’m tasked with a hoarders worst nightmare… sorting through and trimming down of things. Specifically, all of the toys, books and school-work from my entire childhood. My propensity for holding on to things clearly has been past down from my parents, and my grandparents before that! My mom pretty much saved three children’s worth of all our school histories, books and toys as well as many special items of clothing. Most of which originated in Washington, USA and came all the way to NZ via a 40 foot container when we immigrated to New Zealand in 1996, when I was 13. So the fact that now my own daughter is lucky to be able to play with classic toys, read books and wear clothing handmade with love and care that was mine, and in some cases even my Mom’s before that – really shows an impressive history of care for preserving the past so it can be enjoyed in the future – over three generations!

However, after more twenty years, my parents have decided to move on and sell the large family home – so some down sizing is necessary. And with it, an end to the endless free storage I have counted on for the last decade or more since leaving the nest! Hence my weekend of nostalgia… although I haven’t actually gotten rid of a lot (surprising much!?), looking through the past is always fun, and thing are definitely more organised!

Now, what this blog post is REALLY about, after that long introduction, is one of my favourite pieces of the past – that was my Mom’s, and then mine, and I will pass on to my daughter. And here she is


Original Barbie, in all her glory! She was my Mom’s, from 1963 and has stood the test of time amazingly well… considering I played with her as a child also! She is still homed in her original Barbie box and has an enviable wardrobe, from evening wear to swimwear – as well as a wide range of accessories! She has a late fifties/early sixties look and styling, with her short coiffured hair style, red finger nails and lined blue shadowed eyes. The clothing is amazingly detailed and well made, to tell the truth I wish most of her outfits came in my size! The outfit above looks much like the one Marilyn wore as Lorelei Lee in Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953) and the stole is real fur. And of course, most importantly she comes with….

20140928_114809A partner in crime! A very dapper and well accessorised Ken. Here he is in casual trousers, a white button front shirt and sportcoat and a red cap. Barbie is a well dressed housewife in blue and white 50s style day dress, red apron and matching red heels and handbag. Just the thing for doing the marketing! Ok, I confess, I had way too much fun with this… Go Team!!!
20140928_123235Off for a swim… yes those are gold wedge sandals!
20140928_121000A more casual look…
20140928_120220Nightwear… every man needs a monogrammed robe and matching slippers!
20140928_121504A ski date (apparently they used to have skis, I think my younger incarnation may have contributed to their demise… as well as many missing shoes in Barbie’s wardrobe)
20140928_122505And last, but not least (Ken ran out of outfits)… a fabulous evening look!
20140928_123603Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane… and a girl is never too old to play with Barbie!
Lorelei Louise xx