The Very Vintage Weekend: Part One – Strawberry matching fun!

Wow what an amazing weekend, I’m still decompressing! I had SO much fun, it was a whirlwind of dress-ups, catching up with old and new friends (and making new ones!), gaping at the incredible spectacle of beautiful vendor stalls, amazing outifits, fun entertainment and of course the Miss Pinup NZ competition! There was so MUCH, I can’t fit it into one blog post (and I’m still recovering from social overload) so here is Part One … details of the outfits I put together for myself and my two gorgeous daughters on Day 2 (Sunday) and a few gorgeous shots from some of the talented photographers who captured us on the day!

My Outfit

My vintage strawberry swing dress was a lucky find at the Vintage Textile Fair a few months back, from one of my fave local shops – Retro Addiction. How this strawberry dream had not been snapped up already… AND it fit my waist AND generous bust… it must have been meant to be! I knew right away it would be perfect to style for a VVDO outfit… and that the strawberry theme pushed all my vintage kitschy theme loving buttons, so I was inspired to track down matchy outfits for my two girls! My first dress I had bought from overseas with VVDO in mind was sadly lost in the post, but que sera sera!

Serendipity Photography

David Rowe

Thanks to Lynn of Serendipity Photography and photographer David Rowe for the awesome shots!

Accessories – I could have gone all out themey (is that a word? If not, it should be!) – but I wanted to keep a classic vintage feel. I thought my vintage straw hat would be perfect, and carried that tan/brown colour throughout. I trimmed the hat with a cute strawberry ribbon and made my jewelry based on 40s and 50s bakelite designs, using true vintage bakelite and lucite pieces. My shoes were vintage espadrille style, found secondhand on Trademe.

Full outfit details:
Dress: 70s era vintage Retro Addiction
Hat and gloves, vintage
Necklace and Earrings: Handmade by me – Retro Resins – using vintage components
Bangles: Bakelite, thrifted and repro from Cobalt Heights
Petticoats: Green from Pettiskirt Style, red Tatyana
Shoes: Hush Puppies, secondhand from Trademe
Hair flower: made by me
Bag: Ebay with handle from Spotlight

Girls outfits
I LOVE Etsy! As well as being a seller, I source many vintage supplies for my jewelry, and regularly find vintage clothing and accessories for myself and my girls, it’s a treasure trove of handmade and vintage goodness from all around the world, so addicting too. As soon as I found my amazing strawberry dress, I started hunting on Etsy for vintage dresses for my girls to match! I hit the jackpot and found a perfect red gingham and strawberry dress with matching bloomers for Lila Jean. Her cute black patent baby Mary Jane shoes I found at a thrift store, and her baby headband I made myself.And with some hunting, I also found a vintage red gingham dress for Juliet which I knew would be amazing with some alterations, matching rick rack trim and strawberry embellishments. I took these to the gorgeous and talented Janette (Silver Needles) and she did an amazing job! I trimmed Juliet’s straw hat with the same ribbon as mine and also made her strawberry hair bow.

I was so lucky to have my Mum on board looking after my girls for the weekend! They arrived, looking cute as strawberry pie, on Sunday for some fun and photos with mama!

Photos – Serendipity Photography

I was so proud of my gorgeous girls – they even – strutted their stuff on stage for the Best Dressed competition … and won! I had planned to hold the baby and walk with Juliet, but right before the time came… my stubborn fiesty big girl refused to walk unless I stayed stage-side and she carried her baby sister! Thanks Ella (Miss Victory Violet) for this cute video of them taking the stage! And to Rockabilly Rose for the prize voucher they won – I can’t wait to pick out some of their gorgeous handmade kids clothes for the girls.


VVDO 2017 Best Dressed kids – YouTube

Lila Jean and Juliet Very Vintage Day Out 2017 at Shed 10 Sunday – Best dressed competition


Lila Jean with Miss VV



Have your very best Very Vintage Day Out!

Only 8 days to go until NZ’s biggest vintage and pinup event of the year – the Very Vintage Day Out! I am getting very excited, it will be my 5th year of attending this year. It is looking looking like it will be the best one yet too – in it’s shiny new location in the city and with 2 whole days full of more to see and do! Whether you are a veteran attendee, or this is your first time attending – I’ve put together a survival guide to making sure you have a great day out, avoid potentially stressful situations and make sure you get the most out of the experience.

First of all, a disclaimer! I make so secret of the fact I LOVE to go all out putting together outfits, doing hair and makeup, getting crafty with creating accessories and hunting down vintage bargains to complete a look … because that’s MY jam! So some of these tips will be for those that like doing this too. BUT YOU DO YOU! Don’t stress or feel pressured if you don’t feel like dressing up or doing your hair and makeup “pinup” or are just going to check things out. Or if you don’t have something “new” to wear just for the event. There is nothing wrong with wearing something pretty that you have and like, even if you have worn it a many times before. ALSO whatever your style, if you want to strut a gown in the daytime, go goth, rock some androgynous style in a suit, wear “modern” clothes, be rockabilly, steam punk, a 70s queen or a fucking princess – DO IT! There are no rules and you don’t have to look a certain way to go along and have fun – be yourself! 


As a naturally quite disorganised and chaotic person, who also suffers from anxiety (both social, and the kind where I worry about everything!) … large social occasions are fraught with potential stress! So I like lists (which I inevitably lose,  but it’s the thought that counts, right?) and being super prepared helps!

With a week to go, don’t panic if there are still items you have left to sort out for your outfits! Or if items haven’t turned up in the post (I’m not even going to go there haha). There is still time! Try on what you are planning on wearing to make sure it fits and there aren’t any broken zips, stains, undone hems, broken clasps etc (this always happens to me when wearing vintage!). This is a good time to take out, try on, set aside what accessories you are going to wear too. Pick out handbags and shoes if you haven’t already, decide if you want a belt, gloves, hat and jewelry. If there is anything you feel you can’t live without embrace the online community! It’s amazing what you will find on short notice to buy, or even borrow – don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice ♥

List of Essentials

This could also be titled “Things I have forgotten many times and wished I hadn’t”!
Like any festival or big event, it’s a few long few days of mostly being on your feet – both indoor and outdoor with changeable weather, so it helps to be prepared and have all the items and extras you need to keep comfortable and also fix any little hair, makeup or wardrobe malfunctions!
A tote bag or shopping bag! I’ll have my cute matchy matchy purse… but also my large “Mom bag” – it’s worth it … for all the things you will need, plus any shopping you do on the day!
A little survival pack with a few bandaids, safety pins, bobby pins, Panadol … (gin, if that’s your thing … only partially kidding)
Flat shoes. If you are fine to wear heels for two full on days and maybe a night, I applaud you! But for all of us regular folk – it might save your bacon. And at least partially, your dignity … yup that was me last year in bare feet! Rock those pretty shoes for your grand entry, photos… but have a back up… just in case. Because blisters and aching footsies are not pleasant
A big bottle of water to keep hydrated
Cash – many vendors may have EFTPOS but some may not
Your fully charged phone (and one of those charge banks if you have one!)
Snacks. Snacks are important.
Weather related stuff – sunscreen, sunnies, a cardi or jacket (thanks Mom!). If rain is forecast, bring a brolly, especially if you are going to be outside doing the Photo Safari!
A small compact or mirror and a makeup wipe for makeup touch-ups if needed
If you are planning on shopping for clothing and trying quite a few things on, consider wearing a full slip under your clothes! Changing rooms are in hot demand to say the least so I find this a good way to skip the queue while (mostly) retaining my modesty (and not horrifying people nearby)

Feel welcome, because you are!

I’ve seen a lot of chat over the years on social media about people sometimes coming to events and possibly feeling a bit left out. Here’s my take. Events can be REALLY crazy busy. It’s impossible to have a conversation or even say hello to everyone, even just your good friends, although we can give it a good go! In a crowd, it’s basic psychology to gravitate to those you already know too, it’s how our little human minds cope with the chaos 😉 In the past five years of attending many events, and even getting brave enough to go on my own, I have been lucky to have met SO many amazing people and make some lasting friendships. But not all at once … good things take time. Come and say hello to me, I’m a bit shy too, although you might not realise that at first!

On the Weekend

Have a squizz at the timetable of events to make sure you know when the things you want to see are on and make sure you don’t miss out!
Don’t stress about the little things, whatever they are… disguise a hair “disaster” with a headscarf, hat, or hair flowers. If it’s windy and/or raining, just give up. Everyone else will be in the same boat… call it windswept … I will be. Or head along to one of the talented teams manning the Hair and Beauty section this year!
Sanity Check. If you are anything like me and suffer from anxiety, navigating such a big event can be quite stressful. Even if not, it’s normal to be both excited and nervous! Being prepared and not arriving rushed helps a little. During the day, take some breaks. Yes, breaks from fun, weird huh. Just to sit by yourself, or with a friend or two where it isn’t busy. Have a snack, relax and take in the atmosphere, have a breather.
Shopping – there will be SO MANY amazing things to buy. Just breathe. Seriously. Innn and out. Have a good wander round and see what’s on offer! If you love something but can’t decide or don’t have the cash on the day, grab a business card, subscribe or give them a “Like” them on FB – another way you can support us hard working small businesses!

If you see me on the day, please come say hello! I hope to see many friends both old and new and meet some of you lovely ladies I only know from Facebook land. I wish all of the Miss Pinup contestants the best of luck, but most of all this advice  – enjoy and make the most of the experience – do your best, be confident, be yourself and pat yourself on the back … you are awesome! Whether you come away with a sash or tiara or not, you have worked hard and achieved something, BE PROUD. And have some champagne, because damn… you deserve it!
Vendors – may your sales be plenty and your feet not too sore …
Everyone else, have an utterly amazing weekend!

Love, Natalie Louise xx

The Vintage Addict Diary: 4 September 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Vintage Addict Diary… a new pick’n’mix vintage lifestyle, events and fashion!

My Week

It has been quite a social week for Miss Lorelei! Some fantastic events and lovely catch ups with friends – old and new. Kicking off with the NZ 2nd Beard & Moustache Competition – which was so much fun! Over 40 men vied for the coveted trophy – a creation by by Martin “Robot-Man” Horspool, and what a line up! Uniformed beards, Fisherman beards, Braided beards, 70s mo’s…  Santa himself made an appearance. Even the ladies (including me, in a very sexy pink handlebar number) got up on stage. An epic night which deserves a full write up, but alas I am forcing myself to make these snippets snappy!

NZ 2nd Beard and Moustache Competition


Left to right: Marvellously bearded entrants (Photo credit Carl Ewen), The MC Ygnacio Cervio (Photo credit Tupac), The Ladies – Fran (Whiskerinas Champion), Rose, Lorelei and Miss Charlotte Cake

A Fine Vintage

Sunday was a girls outing with my daughter to the Vintage Textile Fair. As usual it was a fantastic array of vintage goodies – from vintage fabrics and clothing to every kind of accessory you could imagine. One of my favourite stalls was “A Fine Vintage” (pictured)… absolutely beautiful things arranged artfully by colour into gorgeous tableaux. We mostly just browsed and admired but I did pick up a couple of bargains – a cute 60s baby pink peignor set (which reminds me of the sleepover scene in Grease!) and a number of pretty vintage scarves.

Me and my girl

Photo @glorydaysmagazine: Dress-ups with my mini me!

Lorelei Loves 

  Spring bloomsOur Hamilton Beach retro milkshake mixer
  Fresh white canvas sneakers and ankle socks
  New season strawberries
  Re-visiting the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (a childhood favourite of mine) with my daughter… at 1 chapter a night, 15 chapters a book and 9 books…we should be finished before she leaves home! I love how she looks forward to the next chapter each night!
  Pickles and frozen peas… I can’t stop eating them. And no, I’m not!
  Our restored antique Hamilton Beach milkshake machine – a gift from my brother and sister-in-law for our wedding! It’s so beautiful AND goes like anything, we’ve been having fun making ALL the shakes!
  The TV series “The White Queen” based on the Cousins War series by Phillipa Gregory – gripping historical drama based on historical events and with amazing costumes!

A Flash of Fashion & Style

I’m having fun trying this Polyvore thang! Here is a nautical inspired outfit I I styled – featuring some amazing wide legged cream trousers and the navy peasant top from Pinup Girl Clothing – accessories from Pinup Girl Clothing, Erstwilder, Besame and LorettaJo (Etsy). Click on the image to Polyvore for links to each item!


Frock of the Week: Voodoo Vixen Kiera Dress

VV_kieraI adore  everything about this dress! The fruit print of strawberries and apples is divine and I love the vintage feel of the colour palette. This is a dress that is perfect for accessorizing! The details are lovely with a collar and buttoned shirt front and matching red belt.

It is available from Unique Vintage (US) or directly from Voodoo Vixen (UK).

There is also a wiggle skirt in the same fabric and a coordinating cardigan with embroidery front and back (also available in plus size)… too cute!

Here is how I would love to style this outfit…more Polyvore! I can sense that this could become very addicting… virtual dress-ups! Click on the image for links to all the items!


And here are my outfits this week…

Instagram of the Week: @vinnieboyvintage

@vinnieboyvintage InstagramAustralia based Mel and her cutie baby son Vinnie have the most AMAZING vintage home – think colour, kitsch, flamingoes, vintage furniture and homewares to die for! So much pink and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much pretty and cute in one home, it really is fabulous. Mel also has also has an online shop launching today, which I am looking forward to checking out!

You’re welcome!






tami new album

“Don’t Be Afraid” is going to be released on vinyl!

I am super super excited about attending the album launch show of Tami Neilson’s new
album “Don’t Be Afraid” in a few weeks time! As a gal who loves good old fashioned vinyl, I am so happy Tami is making this album available as an lp. Woohoo! You can pre-order this from Tami’s site here, from September 4th! Last year I did a Q+A with Tami, you can read that article here.


Thought of the Week


I hope you have an amazing weekend and hopefully enjoy some spring sunshine!

Love Lorelei xx

Live and lovely in NZ… The Cherry Dollface!

I was trying to explain Cherry Dollface to my husband, who was looking a bit blank at my epic excitement that she was not only coming to New Zealand for the first time… but that I was booked in for hair and makeup followed by a photoshoot AND one of Cherry’s famous workshops! It’s like hanging out with Richie McCaw and having him give you some pointers, is about as close as I got. The opportunity to meet someone who inspires you, and also have the opportunity to learn from them is pretty special!


Cherry’s visit here to the Land of the Long White Cloud came at the tail end of another action packed 3 week world tour, where she visited countries from Ireland to Australia! She is truly one very hard working lady, I admire that. Bombshell Clothing in Cambridge sponsored her trip across the ditch, much to the (literally) squealing delight of NZ fans! So Cherry based her operations in Hamilton, at the Classics Museum and Jukebox Diner (managed by Miss Pinup NZ, Miss Bettie Rage) for two busy days…

Ladies could book in for hair and makeup by Cherry, followed by a photoshoot with Katherine from The Undefined Photography on the first day. The second afternoon was set aside for personal hour long bookings with Cherry, followed by a 3 hour group workshop in the evening!

Knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I booked in with with Cherry for both the hair and makeup and photoshoot and the group workshop. I’m so glad I did!

Here are some behind the scenes shots from Day 1…


11794477_950886744949664_3139272738938306353_o11882803_10153535456559948_4667627418222355141_o11911501_10153549418349948_205439494_n11880727_10153549418379948_840287176_n11836705_10153537135514948_5992193688908448372_n 11838967_10153535446339948_1571149089688692815_oIt was amazing to meet Cherry, there is a reason why she has gained such a following worldwide… and it’s not just because she is such a wizard with vintage hair and makeup! It’s her warmth and down to earth attitude, the fact she tells things like they are and has a wicked sense of humour and is such a genuine and kind person who you can’t help but love!

Day 2, I was one of 10 or so lucky ladies who attended Cherry’s hair and makeup workshop. This was so much fun, and I learned so much! The first half of the class Cherry demonstrated a basic pinup makeup, and a 50s style brushed out set with front swoop from pin curls on model Miss Victory Violet.

11896378_959860760724146_5725509183625268249_o 11895248_959860694057486_5715940433943708792_o

I love how Cherry teaches makeup to be something to enhance and make us look our best selves, rather than being a mask to look like someone else 🙂11055398_959860677390821_7497120405087526715_oThe second half of the workshop, Cherry showed us how to do Victory rolls from a pin curl set on model Miss Monique Sweet.

11891458_959860637390825_4446093410979811025_o 11856475_959860614057494_865107359208084049_o11866249_714244978702752_3250615405082120235_n

If you haven’t already, go check out Cherry’s videos on pinup hair, makeup, fashion and more on her YouTube channel here!


And here are a few tips I took note of from Cherry’s class:


  • Eyebrows – Use a pomade, apply with eyebrow brush, draw a darker line at bottom to add depth
  • Eyeliner – Draw line at top of where finished line should end then fill in back to the eyelash line
  • Eyeshadow/liner – always use a primer!
  • Set with translucent powder – but not HD if for a photoshoot as will reflect light!


  • Using tongs – curl from middle of hair instead of from the end – more curl and less damage to ends
  • When taking out curls, twist forward
  • Use a lower hold working hairspray to mold styles and tame flyaways, only set the finished style with a finishing spray
  • Set a wax or pomade with hairspray
  • Anchor bobby pins into the hair part when doing rolls
  • Use a teasing spray at roots to enhance height and staying power


Thanks to Shelley Rex, Monique McClennan, Briar Engel and Danya Pavlovich for the photos!

Lorelei Louise xx

My Miss Pinup Outfits, the first installment!

Is it really over a month since Miss Pinup NZ 2015 and the Very Vintage Day Out!? For those of you who have checked out my Facebook page and Instagram recently, you may have noticed there has been a bit of a fashion drought! Well there is a reason for that… Miss Pinup NZ is a HUGE investment of time, effort and energy. I have bipolar disorder, and ongoing problems with managing my depression and anxiety. So it just a reality for me that after any big investment of energy there is some recovery time 🙂 Which for me is pretty much withdrawing from the world… social huh!

But don’t worry, I’ve been using my down time to catch up on some things that got a bit neglected with getting married in January, followed by the competition a few months later!
Like my daughter and husband 😉 Actually we’ve been finishing off our retro kitchen renovation and I’ve been completing some painting projects. And getting ready to start my new career in interior design. The reason there haven’t been any outfit posts… is because there haven’t any outfits! Except for truly horrible painting clothes. Fab to Drab – a reverse transformation!

I thought it’s time I shared some details of some of the amazing outfits I wore for the competition! Unfortunately, I still have very few photos of the day, and none of some of my ensembles… I am hoping to get some shots soon to share the details and inspiration behind them, but so far life has gotten in the way, as it does!

But for a start, I DO have some great shots of my outfit from the beachwear section – which was one of my favourites too!

So, stop blabbering and show us some pictures!! Here is my outfit for the beachwear section!

11082239_743676299084671_5156145972158436270_o 11156261_10152861292006973_5094799363766544838_n (1)









All of my outfits for Miss Pinup NZ were inspired by Marilyn Monroe, and especially her costumes from one of my favourite movies Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! When I thought of beachwear, the first image in my mind was of these classic shots of a young Marilyn posing on the beach.

download (1)








Marilyn lounging

I also had a very definite idea of wanting my outfit to be  glamorous, something I imagine a Hollywood starlet from the 40s or 50s could lounge poolside in! With a cocktail in hand, of course. I knew right away that Linda McCarthy Costumier was the perfect woman for the job, who could help me develop and then expertly execute my vision! So after some consultation we decided on a 2 piece 40s style playsuit, adapted from an original vintage pattern, and in a beautiful champagne gold fabric.


Marilyn in playsuit 1951

Then of course, the accessories dah-ling! The great thing about putting together and outf to be worn on stage, is MORE IS MORE!
I found the perfect 40s reproduction cherry necklace and earrings set on Etsy from VivaLaLux.
My wedding shoes, gold with lucite heels from Irregular Choice, were perfect – with some  of my own customising with matching cherries! I added some vintage bangles, and a red and gold headscarf completed the look.

20150512_181415 20150512_175038 20150512_175011













And the finishing touch was the red and white striped pagoda style parasol! I ordered this off Ebay from a supplier in China, and although it took some time to arrive it was absolutely perfect. In fact, it was almost a reproduction of the one Marilyn is posing with in this famous image…d7d8b4cc7931cb20423443235bbe735c





I still have FIVE more fabulous outfits to share! I put together this little video, with footage from Zandy J Pinup Photographer of all of my parts from the competition…

I am feeling very excited about this year, and about sharing many more fashion, design and DIY posts with you soon!

Lorelei xx

Joining the Circus… at Glory Days Winter Vintage

Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog… but I have been busy attending events and working on a few projects I plan on sharing with you very soon! Last weekend I flew down to Wellington for an action packed weekend of fabulous events in our nation’s capitol. The windy city lived up to it’s name, and I soon discovered what locals already know… don’t bother with an umbrella, they are about as useful as lipstick on a pig. Also, setting your hair before venturing out, without wearing a plastic bag or similar contraption is a waste of time and effort. No matter how much hairspray you use.

After a crazy night shedding my “virgin” status at my first interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show at the stunning fully restored Embassy Theatre (if you haven’t been to one of these, I highly recommend…it is quite a spectacle an experience that must be lived to be believed!) – I was ready for the highlight of the Wellington vintage lovers calendar – Glory Days Wellington Winter Vintage!

The theme was a 1930s vintage circus and the event was a creation of the fabulous Glory Days magazine team – so I knew it was going to be fantastic! Who doesn’t love a good circus! Especially when “surprises, circus and gin” are promised 🙂 The event was sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin and held at the James Cabaret theatre. Here is my outfit for the day time event, before I ventured out into the icy wind and rain that was the weather of the day!


My yellow hat with netting is genuine vintage, purchased from the lovely Susie from It’s Deco Darling on Etsy. Earrings and brooch are lucite reproduction by Luxulite. Bangles were purchased from the vintage lovers mecca at Hunter’s and Collectors on Cuba St in Wellington. Faux pearls are from a vintage shop in Sacramento. The fabulous vintage beaded cardigan was my Nana’s and I feel so special to be able to wear it still and that is has remained in such perfect condition after five decades! The floral dress is the iconic Birdie dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and I am wearing a purple Hell Bunny petticoat underneath. My purple bow heels are from Mi Piaci, one of my favourite places to find cute and comfortable vintage style shoes!

Arriving at the James Cabaret, wet and bedraggled (with an umbrella that looked like it had been put through a shredder), I was immediately transported back in time to the magical world of a 1930s carnival! Just inside the door, a strongman waited and a vintage style ticket booth manned (wo-manned?) by a mysterious looking fortune teller. Stepping inside the venue proper, the visual delights continued. Not to mention the authentic aroma of roasted coffee, caramel apples and something indefinably delicious. Claire Gormly, organiser extraordinaire and the talented Glory Days team had outdone themselves in transforming the venue! Vintage circus props, including a “genuine” wolf-man and other freaks of nature dotted the space, and the walls and stage were draped to re-create the feel of the big top. Stall holders were dressed in circus theme and circus performers mingled with the crowd who had braved the weather. A few brave souls even ventured out into the rain to give the strength test and coconut shy a gamble! Possibly also for a caffeine hit from the delightful retro coffee caravan parked just outside.

There was also some fabulous entertainment on offer throughout the day. Performers from the Wellington Circus Trust wowed us with their gravity defying, bendy and sometimes just plain beautiful range of acts – even the cutest 4 year old caped tumbler you ever did see. All presided over by the magnificent and hilarious MC, a bearded lady!

My gorgeous friend Grace was lucky to have a vintage hair and makeover at the Pamper Parlour by the talented Michelle Parish. Her transformation!


Unfortunately I was busy enjoying myself and I didn’t get many photos, but you can check out the albums of all the fun on Glory Days Winter Vintage page here!


Wolf Man


After a very entertaining and enjoyable morning, we returned home for a well needed nap and to get ready for Winter Vintage part 2… the evening event! I love dressing up so putting together costumes for a vintage circus theme was so much fun! I think we may have done TOO good a job getting into the spirit of things… we got asked if we were performing when we arrived! In fact, when I was putting together my costume, my four year old got the impression I was actually going to Wellington to JOIN the circus, and she proudly informed my family, who got a bit of a giggle. Because unfortunately the only thing I can do with a hula hoop is stand with it and look pretty… coordination is not one of my strong points.




All of the stalls had been cleared away after the day time event leaving ample space for mingling and dancing!  And the decorated venue looked just as stunning at night. We were treated to a yummy gin cocktail when we arrived which was well appreciated! The night kicked off with a surprise operatic performance by the beautiful Clarissa Dunn, an ethereal, magical beginning which really set a special tone for the night’s festivities. The first band to take the stage was local Wellington fold band, Eb and Sparrow. You can check out their webpage here. The band is fronted by the gorgeous and talented singer-songwriter Ebony Lamb. As a big fan of the classic country genre, especially female country greats like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Skeeter Davis, I am always very excited to discover new bands which invoke the same feel. Eb and Sparrow did so in spades, as well as having their own genre crossing sound! I am definitely going to be following this band and getting my hands on their new album!

The next act really got people up and getting their swing on! The Wellington Shake Em on Downers played a fantastic set and really made me wish I knew how to dance (see previously mentioned lack of coordination)! You can check out their Facebook page here. It really was a phantasmagorical (real word did you know ha!) evening, with fun people, great music and the gin flowing! Here are a few photos of the night, be sure and check out the link above to the Glory Days Winter Vintage page to see more!

Thanks so much to the hardworking Glory Days editors Claire Gormly, Rose Jackson and Natasha Francois as well as the rest of the Glory Days Team and all the other fabulous contributors for putting together this fantastic and magical event! If you haven’t subscribed to New Zealand’s very own vintage lifestyle magazine, jam packed with interesting and inspiring content… head over to the Glory Days website here!

winter vintage

I have a few exciting posts coming up, like my Facebook page to keep up to date 🙂

Natalie xx


Non-celebrating my birthday…

I think I’ve reached the point where birthdays really are just marking another year older (and hopefully wiser). I celebrated a big one last year – 30 – and so far being in my 30s is a definite improvement on the previous decade! Anyway I didn’t plan anything this year, but my very good friend flew up from Wellington to spend the weekend, and we had a lovely time catching up and having some girly time! I practiced my vintage hairstyling and did a set with hot sticks on both Grace and myself which worked very well. I also managed to do a serviceable attempt at victory rolls on Grace… was quite proud of my effort! Alas my hair is still quite short and layered so I will have to grow it out a little more before I can do anything much to it.   graceOn Saturday, we drove into the city for a quick spot of vintage shopping at St Kevin’s arcade on K Road. I got a beautiful plum coloured swing skirt on the sale rack and Rita Sue and a matching wool beret at the Wintergarden. Grace found some bargains rummaging around the White Elephant – I love how going here is like looking for treasures in someone’s basement! This was my outfit of the day, I am loving vintage wool capes this winter! The 40s style dress is Hellbunny and was purchased from Rita Sue – I fell in love with the goldfinch print the minute I first saw it!!PhotoGrid_1407019098203 (1)   That evening we were given some tickets to go and see the band called I am Giant at the Powerstation in Auckland. So a suitably rock and roll outfit was required! I decided to go all bad Sandy and wore a pair of my favourite pants – the Disco pants from American Apparel (click for link). It took me a lot of searching to find the perfect pair of highwaisted 50s style shiny stretch pants, and these are AMAZING. They are quite thick which is a must to not look like you are wearing tights 🙂 They suck everything in and are quite a statement. They come in many colours too! I paired them with my leopard peekaboo top and a scarf from Wheels and Dollbaby, and leopard pinup heels and bow belt from Pinup Girl Clothing. And of course, a leather jacket. It was a great concert, and a fun night out! PhotoGrid_1407019539007 Sunday we spent having a lazy day watching Rocky Horror (my daughter loved the lady man!)  and Gentleman Prefer Blondes – 2 of my favourite films. I wish I could own every one of Marilyn’s outfits in that movie!  And of course – building blanket forts. 20140803_151029 Sunday night I was lucky to be invited to see the iconic silent film Prix de Beaute at the Civic Theatre with the  Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, after a friend was unable to attend and a ticket was available! I adore the Civic Theatre and had read about this special New Zealand Film Festival event so I was very excited. The whole experience was quite wonderful, Louise Brooks has a mesmerising on screen beauty and presence and the music brought it it all to life, a stunning performance. I will definitely be attending this yearly event next year! Prix_De_Beaute_(Miss_Europe)_film_poster louise2 louise1             Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Natalie xx


A Pineapple-tastic Aloha 1950

There’s almost nothing I like more than dressing up for a vintage theme party! So when I found out that Rock and Roll C20140630_104446ircus were holding an Aloha 1950 themed burlesque and cabaret evening I was pretty excited! I had been to one of their fun events previously and had a fantastic time, so I knew it was going to be a great event. I was going need an amazing outfit!


I decided to wear one of my favourite summer dresses, a gorgeous Hell Bunny halterneck swing dress with colourful pineapples and parrots on it. And my mint Hell Bunny petticoat would be perfect underneath. I planned the rest of the outfit around the pineapple motif from the dress, I love pineapple prints!


I had recently met the lovely Miss Creep Cake – the creator behind Pop that Cassette – a range of hand crafted and fabulously fun vintage accessories and knew that one of her delightful and different hair pieces would be the perfect crowning glory to my outfit! She also does custom designs so I sent her a picture of my dress and other than asking for it to include a large pineapple left it up to her artistic flair 🙂 The result was this beautiful creation! It was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t wait to wear it!


Pineapple Crown from Pop That Cassette

Now I love an excuse for getting crafty, so for the rest of my accessories I decided to have some fun 🙂 I did some hunting around $2 shops and found some leis, fruity fridge magnets and hibiscus hair accessories and a cheap brown stretchy waist belt with snaps in the back (with some hideous embellishments on the front) I had previously bought an assortment of novelty buttons off etsy… and of course some pineapple ones! I took apart the $2 shop bits, did some strip down on the tacky belt and was ready for assembly. A bit of hot glue and some thread with a strong needle held everything on nicely. I think it turned out well!


I also made some shoe clips out of some ribbon, the same pineapple buttons and the backs off some old clip on earrings. And I merged some hibiscus earrings from the $2 shop with some pineapple earrings I already had. Quick and easy! I’m really keen to make some more shoe clips, they are such a fun way of giving shoes a new look.


I decided to treat myself as hubby-to-be and I were having a child free night out (party time!). I had my hair and makeup done by the lovely and talented Rose from Decadia Vintage Beauty and Style. She did an amazing job! I also recently did a vintage hairstyling course taught by Rose which was a great experience. I might not have completely failed beauty school but I am still need quite a lot of practice… so for a stress free evening it was much better left in the capable hands of the expert 🙂



So with my outfit, hair and makeup all sorted I was ready to go…

And I was not disappointed! The venue at the Winchester Tavern was perfect with plenty of room and seating… I hate being crammed into a space like a sardine and a place to perch when wearing heels is always a bonus! The show was fabulous, with a variety of very different and talented performers putting on some very unique, hilarious and sexy acts.

A nice surprise was getting asked up on stage to have the audience vote for best dressed… which I ended up sharing with another lovely lady… definitely a great night!


aloha1950 peter jennings

Photography – Peter Jennings


I am very much looking forward to the next Rock and Roll Circus event, the Cat’s Meow!

Natalie xx