All I want for Christmas is …. A NZ Pinup wishlist

Ok so this isn’t my REAL wishlist … because in our family we have decided in the last few years to keep gift giving to handmade and small gifts under $20!

But I love pretty things (and making lists!) so this is my wishful Christmas wishlist!
All festive themed and available from New Zealand businesses! I hope you can find some inspiring ideas for your own Christmas shopping … and wishing ♥

  1. BESAME COSMETICS Victory Red Lipstick and Pin Special Edition 2016

    $65 from 19 Black – shop hereBesame Victory Red

  2. Retrospec’d Dyann Flower Pot dress

    I think this may just be the perfect summer Christmas dress!
    $220 from Kabella Baby – shop here 
    Dyann Flower Pot dress

  3. Trio Soy Candle in Summer or Mistletoe

    Locally based in Matakana, these are my favourite candles. The scents are utterly divine and long lasting and I find these even nicer than many more expensive luxury brands.
    I love this large one packaged in a vintage water glass, which you can wash out and re-use – $24 shop heregreen_tumbler_vintage2

  4. What Katie Did contrast seamed stockings in Red or Green

    Oh La La! I adore seamed stockings and these are just so fun and festive in red and green!
    $30 a pair from Rita Sue Clothing – shop hereseamed-stockings-green-glamour-ct_2_large_6288b3e4-339d-43ca-9be7-7c7225093f7a_1024x1024redstock_1024x1024

  5.  Woody Ellen Retro Handbag in Paris

    The whole range of these gorgeous bags in AMAZING, but I particularly love the red, white and pink of the Paris collection!
    $145 from Moxie Mama – shop here

  6. Unicorn Petticoat

    SO floofy and colorful! Now if only this existed in bright rainbow colours… but a pastel rainbow is pretty freakin’ awesome!
    $109 from Two Lippy Ladies – shop here

    Unicorn Petticoat

  7. BAIT Robbie Red Starlet Heels

    I’ve always wanted a pair of red sparkly heels! I love the vintage look and the nice low heel of these!
    $160 from 19 Black – shop here

  8. Honey Lamour Princess blouse in Red

    Perfect for your holiday ensemble and a beautiful wardrobe basic all year round!
    $95 from Honey Lamour – shop here
    Honey Lamour princess blouse

  9. Red Mistletoe Hair flower
    Photographer and fashion blogger Katherine of The Wardrobe blog also sells on Etsy some of the beautiful handmade hair pieces she features in her posts! The delicate detail of this one is so lovely… I would wear it all year round!
    $65 from Shop the Wardrobe – shop here
    Red Mistletoe hair flower
  10. The Foodbank Project Christmas Bundles

    All of us know Christmas is a time that really stretches the budget … and for many kiwis there is sadly no budget at all. The Foodbank Project is an easy peasy way to help those in need this festive season – just add a bundle or individual most needed items to your donation “cart” – it’s as simple as online shopping!
    I really like that they have included a Feminine Hygiene bundle  – an often overlooked aspect of being in need that no woman should have to suffer!The Foodbank ProjectFeminine Hygiene Bundle $15 – shop here
    Small Christmas Bundle $29.94 – shop here
    Medium Christmas Bundle $60.02 – shop here


I hope you enjoyed my little list … wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
Love Lorelei Louise xx

Manicure in a flash – Review of Loreal stick on nails!

Hi there, did you miss me!? Yes I know I have been very remiss in my blogging, but I have many many ideas in my head…  and with spring in the air I am ready to heave myself out of the winter doldrums! Since last posting, this pinup has been on a 2 week adventure in Malaysia, marked another year off the calendar, done a Hollywood glamour shoot with the wonderful photographer Kate Tovey AND caught up with the amazing Cherry Dollface on her first ever trip to New Zealand! I will definitely be sharing the once in a lifetime experience of getting my hair and makeup done by Cherry, shooting at the Classics Museum with Kate of Undefined Photography and learning many new things at Cherry’s hair and makeup workshop! Epic!


NZ Pinup beauties made over by Cherry Dollface!

But first here is a quick review I would like to share. It’s not very often you find a new product that REALLY excites you… but I bought these stick on nails on a whim and they are AMAZING. The false eyelashes of nails! nails

OK, these won’t excite you if you have lovely nails or get regular manicures. But if you are in my boat, and most of the time your fingernails look ravaged by hungry mice and nail polish starts decaying 2 minutes after application… read on! I love the look of a polished mani, but have long discovered I am too hard on my hands to practically keep this look on an everyday basis. My nails are weak, and gel polishes and nail extensions have been too damaging to get on a regular basis, so I save these for a very special occasion, like my wedding!

But, for a special occasion or a photoshoot, it’s nice to have pretty nails. These are perfect! They are literally dummy proof. There are 12 sizes and you simply fit the closest size to the nail and attached it with the matching double sided adhesive sticker. No glue!


LOreal nails a porter sitckers

Adhesive stickers

They look very good, even on close up. On the second day, only one came off (my index finger which makes sense) and I re-attached it. On the third day, they are looking a little bit loose so I will probably peel them off today. They are definitely not a replacement for professional artificial nails, but an excellent alternative for someone who just wants nice nails for a day or two!


On Day 3

Here in New Zealand I purchased mine from Makeup Direct for $14.99, and I think it might be possible to get 2 sets out of one pack, or failing that, 3 sets from 2 packs. There are a few different colours and styles to choose from too!

Hope you enjoyed this review, and more to come soon!

Lorelei xx