A Very Pinup Valentines Day – Style Ideas

Love it or hate it … Valentines Day is fast approaching! Manufactured by greeting card manufacturers or not … I’m in the “love” camp! No, I don’t need a special day to spoil the ones I love or be romantic, but isn’t it fun? I’d be mortified if my husband spent money on extravagant flowers, however a thoughtful card, home baking or an excuse to grab a sitter and have a dinner out or a picnic at the beach is always welcome! I have great memories as a kid of getting out the craft supplies and making Valentines Day cards… and every year I still get one from my mama – usually with one of her awesome poems which always makes my day special!

And for ladies like me who love any excuse to dress up … Valentines Day is a perfect occasion – whatever your style. I’ve put together a few different looks below and paired them with some of my new Retro Resins jewelry pieces!
Find inspiration to look through your own wardrobe, or click on the Polyvore set for direct shopping links.

You can shop Retro Resins Valentines pieces here:

If pink, red and hearts make you cringe, a black wiggle or swing dress jazzed up with some cute black and white accessories (maybe with a splash of red!) might be just the thing …

If you love pink and red, hearts and novelty prints – Valentines Day is made for you because you can wear them all!

Hot date or a night out with friends? Get sassy in a wiggle dress red lippy and vintage glam accessories!

Why not make someone’s Valentines Day this year with a surprise! A handmade card, some home baking, flowers from the garden … there is nothing like receiving something unexpected and heartfelt!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentines Day – however you choose to spend it!

Love Lorelei Louise xx


All I want for Christmas is …. A NZ Pinup wishlist

Ok so this isn’t my REAL wishlist … because in our family we have decided in the last few years to keep gift giving to handmade and small gifts under $20!

But I love pretty things (and making lists!) so this is my wishful Christmas wishlist!
All festive themed and available from New Zealand businesses! I hope you can find some inspiring ideas for your own Christmas shopping … and wishing ♥

  1. BESAME COSMETICS Victory Red Lipstick and Pin Special Edition 2016

    $65 from 19 Black – shop hereBesame Victory Red

  2. Retrospec’d Dyann Flower Pot dress

    I think this may just be the perfect summer Christmas dress!
    $220 from Kabella Baby – shop here 
    Dyann Flower Pot dress

  3. Trio Soy Candle in Summer or Mistletoe

    Locally based in Matakana, these are my favourite candles. The scents are utterly divine and long lasting and I find these even nicer than many more expensive luxury brands.
    I love this large one packaged in a vintage water glass, which you can wash out and re-use – $24 shop heregreen_tumbler_vintage2

  4. What Katie Did contrast seamed stockings in Red or Green

    Oh La La! I adore seamed stockings and these are just so fun and festive in red and green!
    $30 a pair from Rita Sue Clothing – shop hereseamed-stockings-green-glamour-ct_2_large_6288b3e4-339d-43ca-9be7-7c7225093f7a_1024x1024redstock_1024x1024

  5.  Woody Ellen Retro Handbag in Paris

    The whole range of these gorgeous bags in AMAZING, but I particularly love the red, white and pink of the Paris collection!
    $145 from Moxie Mama – shop here

  6. Unicorn Petticoat

    SO floofy and colorful! Now if only this existed in bright rainbow colours… but a pastel rainbow is pretty freakin’ awesome!
    $109 from Two Lippy Ladies – shop here

    Unicorn Petticoat

  7. BAIT Robbie Red Starlet Heels

    I’ve always wanted a pair of red sparkly heels! I love the vintage look and the nice low heel of these!
    $160 from 19 Black – shop here

  8. Honey Lamour Princess blouse in Red

    Perfect for your holiday ensemble and a beautiful wardrobe basic all year round!
    $95 from Honey Lamour – shop here
    Honey Lamour princess blouse

  9. Red Mistletoe Hair flower
    Photographer and fashion blogger Katherine of The Wardrobe blog also sells on Etsy some of the beautiful handmade hair pieces she features in her posts! The delicate detail of this one is so lovely… I would wear it all year round!
    $65 from Shop the Wardrobe – shop here
    Red Mistletoe hair flower
  10. The Foodbank Project Christmas Bundles

    All of us know Christmas is a time that really stretches the budget … and for many kiwis there is sadly no budget at all. The Foodbank Project is an easy peasy way to help those in need this festive season – just add a bundle or individual most needed items to your donation “cart” – it’s as simple as online shopping!
    I really like that they have included a Feminine Hygiene bundle  – an often overlooked aspect of being in need that no woman should have to suffer!The Foodbank ProjectFeminine Hygiene Bundle $15 – shop here
    Small Christmas Bundle $29.94 – shop here
    Medium Christmas Bundle $60.02 – shop here


I hope you enjoyed my little list … wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
Love Lorelei Louise xx

All about cardigan clips! The perfect winter pinup accessory…

Cardigan clips… AKA sweater clips, collar pins, collar clips… I was thrilled when I discovered a few years ago that there was a whole new category of accessory I could add to my outfits! However, much like necklaces… these delightful duos of adornment come in oh so many variations! And although the former terms are used fairly interchangeably, there are some differences to look for, depending on how you are planning on wearing yours. So, here is my low down on cardigan clips and some inspiring ways to wear them…

I tend to think about cardi clips as an alternative to a necklace, only more versatile! Especially in winter, when layering up (for me anyway) means my chest area is often hidden… and sometimes the necklace that might go with what I am wearing doesn’t sit right on top of my clothing!

atomic stars

For the uninitiated… cardigan clips are basically pairs of pretty baubles attached to either small clips, small bar brooches or pin backs and connected by a chain. The length of the chain is variable, depending on the intended use of the clips. Sometimes you may also see pairs of small scatter pins or brooches sold as “collar clips” without the middle chain – this is also a nice option if you are just planning on wearing them purely decoratively – that way you can wear them separately as well and place them wherever you like!

Some Ways to Wear

On a collar – pins or clipsCollar pins

With a cardigan on the shouldersP1020694

With a buttoned cardiganP1020696

Dressing up a simple top or dressmonkey clips

On a jacketAtomic Sparkle sweater pins

Holding those straps togetherclips

On a bagP1020691 (2)

One thing I have noticed is that one size does not fit all! The length of chain needed to hold a cardigan nicely on the shoulders tends to be much to long to clip to the same cardigan when it is buttoned. The direction of the clips also makes a difference!

Where to get them!

From meeeee! (Shameless self advertising!!)
I have so many options for cardigan clips… I tend to make them custom because there are just so many possibilities, and that way you can get exactly what you want 🙂 cardigan clips 2Colourful and kitschy resin fruits, flowers, hearts, animals, mermaids, seashells, lips, bows and more… all colours and varieties. Pretty and simple vintage style domes and rhinestone flowers. Vintage buttons. Bronze bows and autumn leaves.

cardigan clips 1

cardigan clips 3When I started making cardigan clips I wanted to make them as versatile as deer and foxpossible! So I offer all of the following attachment options:
Pins/brooch back with chain
Pins/brooch back no chain
Small clips, facing either direction
Pins and clips with detachable chain
Clips with chain – any length, colour, beaded, pearl…

You can shop at my Etsy store here or request a custom order!



Look online on Etsy or Ebay… there are many beautiful vintage cardigan clips … and they generally aren’t that expensive! Try searching for alternative terms like I’ve mentioned above “sweater clips, collar pins, collar clips”

Vintage cardigan clips - Etsy - Steamcrunk

Vintage cardigan clips – Etsy – Steamcrunk

Vintage rhinestone cardigan clips - Etsy - Troppobella

Vintage rhinestone cardigan clips – Etsy – Troppobella


If you are the crafty type… make your own! You can often pick up interesting clip on earrings in secondhand shops… just remove the clip backing with a craft knife (and some brute force) and replace with the the findings and chain of your choice 🙂 Also check out your local craft store and make sure to browse all the aisles… some of the best things come from thinking outside the box!


Instagram is a great source of inspiration for creative ways to wear, outfit ideas and also for finding other small handmade business like mine! Use hashtags like #sweaterpins or #cardiganclips !

My Miss Pinup Outfits, the first installment!

Is it really over a month since Miss Pinup NZ 2015 and the Very Vintage Day Out!? For those of you who have checked out my Facebook page and Instagram recently, you may have noticed there has been a bit of a fashion drought! Well there is a reason for that… Miss Pinup NZ is a HUGE investment of time, effort and energy. I have bipolar disorder, and ongoing problems with managing my depression and anxiety. So it just a reality for me that after any big investment of energy there is some recovery time 🙂 Which for me is pretty much withdrawing from the world… social huh!

But don’t worry, I’ve been using my down time to catch up on some things that got a bit neglected with getting married in January, followed by the competition a few months later!
Like my daughter and husband 😉 Actually we’ve been finishing off our retro kitchen renovation and I’ve been completing some painting projects. And getting ready to start my new career in interior design. The reason there haven’t been any outfit posts… is because there haven’t any outfits! Except for truly horrible painting clothes. Fab to Drab – a reverse transformation!

I thought it’s time I shared some details of some of the amazing outfits I wore for the competition! Unfortunately, I still have very few photos of the day, and none of some of my ensembles… I am hoping to get some shots soon to share the details and inspiration behind them, but so far life has gotten in the way, as it does!

But for a start, I DO have some great shots of my outfit from the beachwear section – which was one of my favourites too!

So, stop blabbering and show us some pictures!! Here is my outfit for the beachwear section!

11082239_743676299084671_5156145972158436270_o 11156261_10152861292006973_5094799363766544838_n (1)









All of my outfits for Miss Pinup NZ were inspired by Marilyn Monroe, and especially her costumes from one of my favourite movies Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! When I thought of beachwear, the first image in my mind was of these classic shots of a young Marilyn posing on the beach.

download (1)








Marilyn lounging

I also had a very definite idea of wanting my outfit to be  glamorous, something I imagine a Hollywood starlet from the 40s or 50s could lounge poolside in! With a cocktail in hand, of course. I knew right away that Linda McCarthy Costumier was the perfect woman for the job, who could help me develop and then expertly execute my vision! So after some consultation we decided on a 2 piece 40s style playsuit, adapted from an original vintage pattern, and in a beautiful champagne gold fabric.


Marilyn in playsuit 1951

Then of course, the accessories dah-ling! The great thing about putting together and outf to be worn on stage, is MORE IS MORE!
I found the perfect 40s reproduction cherry necklace and earrings set on Etsy from VivaLaLux.
My wedding shoes, gold with lucite heels from Irregular Choice, were perfect – with some  of my own customising with matching cherries! I added some vintage bangles, and a red and gold headscarf completed the look.

20150512_181415 20150512_175038 20150512_175011













And the finishing touch was the red and white striped pagoda style parasol! I ordered this off Ebay from a supplier in China, and although it took some time to arrive it was absolutely perfect. In fact, it was almost a reproduction of the one Marilyn is posing with in this famous image…d7d8b4cc7931cb20423443235bbe735c





I still have FIVE more fabulous outfits to share! I put together this little video, with footage from Zandy J Pinup Photographer of all of my parts from the competition…

I am feeling very excited about this year, and about sharing many more fashion, design and DIY posts with you soon!

Lorelei xx

Luxe for less! Beautiful candles on a budget, for any decor

I am obsessed with lighting. Of all shapes and forms… lamps, vintage ceiling lights, fairy lights, flamingo lights, neon lights! But when it comes down to it, you can’t beat the basics. The mesmerising flame and romantic atmosphere of a good old fashioned candle…

I think a nice candle is such a worthwhile thing to treat yourself to! Smell is a very powerful sense, and can really affect your mood. Not to mention the lovely ambience of a flickering candle. My favourite thing is to light a candle for a few hours in the evening, it gives feeling of luxury and spoiling yourself as well as leaving a lovely lingering scent in the home. And there is definitely something to be said for a quality candle. Longer and cleaner burning, real scents and perfumes (with no hint of toilet spray) and novelty shapes. But they don’t have to cost a fortune!

Here are a few of my favourites, all $20 or under!

Recently I discovered Trio candles and became a convert. They are a local small business based in Matakana an hour north of Auckland. These handmade, luxury soy candles are poured in beautiful vintage tea cups and jars as well as other vintage style treasures. Not only that, they are the most divine scented candles I have ever come across! And they are very budget friendly compared to other market alternatives. For $20 or less you can get a beautiful candle as well as the gorgeous glass to reuse. You can find Trio candles on Felt here, or check out their Facebook page here.

trio candles

I found these amazing handmade skull candles from a Kerikeri based seller on Trademe. Now I have seen skull candles in fancy shops for upwards of $50, and also budget versions in places like the Warehouse. But what I love about these is that they are made from beeswax, which has such a lovely scent and they are a real quality candle at a budget price. They come in several sizes and a range of colours including gold and silver. The small ones are only $5.50, or 4 for $20 and the large ones are around $20. Listings for these candles can be found here.


Now I’m a sucker for anything tropical, so I couldn’t resist these pineapple shaped candles I came across recently!


pineapple candleThese are only $12.50 from The Importer and can be purchased online here, or they have a shop in Albany. Although I prefer to support local businesses when possible, they really are so cheap and cheerful I couldn’t help myself!

Lorelei Louise xx