Home Style – things I love – October 2016

Things have been a bit quiet for me on the blog front lately! But with the warmer weather and sunshine of spring finally here, I follow my usual cycle of feeling more motivated to throw off the winter cobwebs (literally) and freshen up things around the house! With all of the major renovations in our home finally done it’s really just about having a good clean up and out, re-arranging existing bits and bobs to change it up and adding some cheap and cheerful spots of colour with soft furnishings inside and planting fresh flowers and veggies in the garden.

Picking up couple of new cushions, a duvet cover, a few colourful hand or bath towels or a new bathmat, tea towels, tablecloths and placemats or pretty cloth napkins are ways I like to add freshness, change and colour … without spending much money! Here are some things I love right now…

Orla Kiely bed and bath range:
I’ve lusted after having a wall of Orla Kiely mid century inspired wallpaper for ages … I was excited to find her retro designs also come as a range of homewares! Not the cheapest, but I have seen a few sales and discounted lines on Ebay, and there are a few stockists in NZ – worth shopping around. I just love the bold patterns and fun retro colours!


Orla Kiely kitchen

Orla Kiely towels Clementine


Some stockists in New Zealand to check out:

I found this amazing retro style butter dish at Living and Giving on sale – it matchesLiving and Giving butter dish our Sanderson mobiles wallpaper so perfectly! When you have kids (or cats, or a husband) and like to keep your butter at room temp like I do, a covered dish is a nice way to turn a messy marmite covered eyesore into something attractive 🙂

Living and Giving Trees butter dish




I don’t follow seasonal “trends” but I do get rather excited when a style or colour I like becomes on trend for a time and suddenly there are so many new places to find things in my own backyard! It’s a good time to be a tropical lover because just about every retailer that does home decor has a cute and kitschy tropical range – perfect for summer. I really liked the selection at Bed Bath and Beyond… there are palm prints, flamingos and pineapples galore… all at very reasonable prices!

Tropical duvet cover set

Tropical outdoor setting

Seriously… how adorable are these little tea lights??

Bed Bath and Beyond tea lights


And these cute flamingoand pineapple LED light sets are on sale for a steal at $12!trpoical-lights

Orange … ok and yellow and red … but bright orange really makes my heart a flutter! I’m kind of a nana and I love a cute rug in the bathroom… it makes it so colourful and cosy! Not those toilet rugs though…. ewww… haha. In such a high traffic area and with the need for frequent washing I do need to replace mine around once a year when it gets faded and ratty. But I’m fussy! A good bath rug is hard to find… so thanks Freedom! I love the pretty and retro crochet style and it’s ORANGE… yusss 🙂


As a Mum who works from home, I spend a lot of time in it … so our home really is my castle! And it’s the little details – expressions of personal style and colour and collections of objects that are pieces us and our history as a family – that make this a happy space to live and spend time in. My husband might say my abundance of throw pillows drives him crazy (I do have a tiny obsession)… and didn’t we already have tea towels? But he loves our home too, it is something we have done and grown together. It may be bright, organised chaos … but it makes me smile 🙂






Organising your Pinup products: Some simple ideas

Organising and cleaning out hair and makeup products is something I thought I wasn’t TOO horrible at. But chaos seems to have snuck up on me and I decided it was high time have a quick clean out  – and think of better ways to store and access my most used products.

I had a quick look at Pinterest for inspiration and then made a trip to my local Kmart41810026-f-1. I picked up a variety of these very useful clear plastic storage boxes and a couple of plastic “storage turntables” – all $10 or less. I didn’t want to spend much time or money.
42108078-tf-1I threw out any old or empty products and organised what was left… I have A LOT of products… but I use them all!



I dislike a cluttered bathroom bench, so all of my makeup used to be stored in the vanity drawers, and hair products and brushes in the cupboards. However, despite my best intentions, everything tends to get thrown in and messy, and I know I could save time if I didn’t have to search for each item!

I put all of my hair products on the storage turntable in the cupboard which was so simple and worked brilliantly! Now I can access each product without taking all of them out.
I used another stacking organiser to separate my different sectioning and hair clips (something else which is usually a mess!).


Hairbrushes, combs and cosmetic brushes have a new easily accessible home on a second storage turntable on the bench. I added a few pretty things too, and a cute cotton bud container from Kmart.12007302_10153183810186973_1696168589_nUnless I am going to a special occasion or doing a photoshoot, I tend to wear the same makeup most days. I took out all the the products I use for my everyday look and sorted them into a stacking cube organiser, also on the bathroom bench.

And here is what the bench looks like… I think the time saved by having everything at hand will outweigh the sacrifice in bench space!


All of my lesser used makeup products and other cosmetics live in the drawers (Yes, my husband gets one of them!). I still need to sort out the scary mess in the under sink cupboard, but for someone who avoids this type of thing like the plague… it was surprisingly painless and only took around an hour!

Here are some other simple ideas!

  • Use a wine rack to store hairspray bottles
  • Look at your local stationery store – desk organisers work great for makeup too!
  • Use a magnetic strip on the wall to keep bobby pins handy
  • Stack cake stands to make pretty displays for makeup, cosmetics or jewellery
  • Decorate different sized jars and group together to make pretty storage for makeup brushes and pencils

I hope you find some of these ideas useful! Happy Organising!

Lorelei xx





Love copper? 5 budget ideas friendly ideas for under $30!

I just love metallics in home décor! Gold, brass, bronze and especially copper! I love the warm tone of copper, with that hint of red, it really draws the eye and adds something a little different. Copper pieces will fit well into existing décor and can look great mixed up with other metallics. Here are some gorgeous bits and pieces, as well as some DIY ideas, to get the look for less!

1. Wooden picture frame with painted copper design
Grab a test pot of metallic copper and create a design on a plain wooden frame.
Here I have used Resene Copper Fire to create a slightly abstract geometric effect (that means I free handed haha!) on a simple $12 wooden frame from the Warehouse. I purchased this awesome mid century inspired digital print from House of Print Shop on Etsy ($7.50)and printed it on textured card stock to use in the frame.

2. Copper spray paint – so many options – only limited by your imagination!
I picked up this metallic copper spray paint from Super Cheap Auto for the bargain price of only $6.99!225339

Use tape to create a design on a plain white plate, then spray. Or give an old wire basket a makeover. Give jars, glassware or plain wooden items either an ombre or dip dyed effect!


3. Copper toned glass vase – The Warehouse $12

9417648932388_eI love this, it looks amazing on its own, or with some simple foliage or a single flower. A real bargain!







4. Wire storage basket – Bed Bath and Beyond $25

20150513_181011I love copper wire baskets, but they can get a bit pricey! This one is a steal at only $25, and there is a range of sizes as well!



5. Copper wire seed lights – Solarnights.co.nz

copper_seed_lightWire lights look amazing strung just about anywhere. Solarnights, link above, does a 50 light strand powered by AA batteries for only $15.






Well I hope you enjoyed this post and are feeling inspired!

Lorelei xx




Frugal Friday! Budget buys $15 and under

Always a bargain hunter, being in between jobs at the moment makes me even more so! Now, I loathe shopping malls, but occasionally I do find myself in one out of necessity! Here is a round up of some goodies I have found recently…

1. Sink organiser from Kmart $620150306_115506

I admit, I’ve been a little obsessed over finding one of these! The only one I could find in NZ was $25… a bit much for a caddy to put your dish essentials in, in my opinion! But Kmart, once again is all kinds of awesome.

Now, I just need to find a refillable bottle to put dish soap in!

2. Wire storage basket from Kmart $12


A great sized and brightly orange coloured basket – I could think of places this would be handy in every room in my house!








3. Cute retro canisters from Living and Giving – $12 and $15 (30% off too!)

Living and Giving have a great range of retro styled canisters and tins, from the decorative like these guys, to ones that hold garlic, onions and even a handy bread bin who’s lid is a bread board! Our completed kitchen will have plenty of open shelving to display pretty things, so I love finding interesting containers – that are useful storage too!

4. Mini retro radio from Living and Giving $15

I couldn’t resist this cute little radio! It takes a couple of AA batteries, and has a tiny little tuner and dials, I just love it!


5. Basic cropped tops from Tempt $12.99 each

Great basics to pair with your high-waisted jeans and trousers and swing skirts! I love the mustard coloured sweater, will work well with so many separates in my wardrobe. And who can resist that hot pink?


That’s all from me, Happy Friday and hope you enjoyed this week’s round up!

Lorelei Louise xx




Luxe for less! Beautiful candles on a budget, for any decor

I am obsessed with lighting. Of all shapes and forms… lamps, vintage ceiling lights, fairy lights, flamingo lights, neon lights! But when it comes down to it, you can’t beat the basics. The mesmerising flame and romantic atmosphere of a good old fashioned candle…

I think a nice candle is such a worthwhile thing to treat yourself to! Smell is a very powerful sense, and can really affect your mood. Not to mention the lovely ambience of a flickering candle. My favourite thing is to light a candle for a few hours in the evening, it gives feeling of luxury and spoiling yourself as well as leaving a lovely lingering scent in the home. And there is definitely something to be said for a quality candle. Longer and cleaner burning, real scents and perfumes (with no hint of toilet spray) and novelty shapes. But they don’t have to cost a fortune!

Here are a few of my favourites, all $20 or under!

Recently I discovered Trio candles and became a convert. They are a local small business based in Matakana an hour north of Auckland. These handmade, luxury soy candles are poured in beautiful vintage tea cups and jars as well as other vintage style treasures. Not only that, they are the most divine scented candles I have ever come across! And they are very budget friendly compared to other market alternatives. For $20 or less you can get a beautiful candle as well as the gorgeous glass to reuse. You can find Trio candles on Felt here, or check out their Facebook page here.

trio candles

I found these amazing handmade skull candles from a Kerikeri based seller on Trademe. Now I have seen skull candles in fancy shops for upwards of $50, and also budget versions in places like the Warehouse. But what I love about these is that they are made from beeswax, which has such a lovely scent and they are a real quality candle at a budget price. They come in several sizes and a range of colours including gold and silver. The small ones are only $5.50, or 4 for $20 and the large ones are around $20. Listings for these candles can be found here.


Now I’m a sucker for anything tropical, so I couldn’t resist these pineapple shaped candles I came across recently!


pineapple candleThese are only $12.50 from The Importer and can be purchased online here, or they have a shop in Albany. Although I prefer to support local businesses when possible, they really are so cheap and cheerful I couldn’t help myself!

Lorelei Louise xx

Frugal Friday… some recent finds to adorn yourself and your home for less!

I’m a bargain hunter. It’s in my genes. It took me a very long time to be able to fork out for something quality, that costs a bit more, because it’s so deeply ingrained in me to be frugal! However… once I did start spending, I couldn’t stop… and it became a problem! I did one of those online shopping addiction questionnaires and pretty much got the most extreme score. I buy stuff, then feel horrible, I think partly because excess consumerism goes against my core values so much! Soooo, I am attempting to curb my addiction and stop buying things, even pretty things, that I just don’t need! And it’s very very hard. It’s like being on a diet and all you see is CAKE CAKE CAKE! But I think I’m getting better 🙂

So now the old cheap and cheerful purchase fulfils the collector in me, and I’ve always found it fun to hunt down things for less! This post features a few of my random recent finds, and is all stuff that you can go out and buy yourself (well in NZ anyway!).

Today at Briscoes, I got this fun metal bucket for $5… I don’t know what I am going to put in it yet, the possibilities are endless! I love the bright colours and parrots! I also got this vintage style cake tin for $10 (60% off)… I think it will look cute in our (future) new kitchen, and who knows… I am might be inspired to make a cake. They also had a matching range of canisters, for tea, coffee etc.



The next few things I found at Kmart. I LOVE Kmart! It’s a great place to pick up a few bargain homewares! The quality can be hit and miss (you get what you pay for after all) but it really depends what you are getting and what the intended use it. For something purely decorative, you really can’t go wrong! And, I just have to mention, I bought a genuine leather jacket at Kmart close to 10 years ago which I have worn the hell out of, it still looks great and I still get compliments on it 🙂


Bird storage bin $12


Flamingo print tote $3


Ceramic pineapple container $12

I love the pineapple! You can probably tell I have a thing for pineapples 😉

I’ve had a few compliments on these pineapple earrings… they are only $11 from Lovisa in Westfield Mall. I got mine from St Lukes, and they still had them when I was there around a week ago!


I have really gotten a thing for brooches lately! They are such a nice way to fun way to add colour and flair to an outfit, and can be the perfect finishing touch! I found these super cute brooches on Etsy, from the seller Renattorize. She has all sorts of different animals and cardigan clips too. My brooches came beautifully packaged and all the way from Latvia! Her items are very reasonable priced, around $10NZ for a brooch and shipping was very inexpensive also. They are much nicer in real life, I had difficulty taking a photo because they are so shiny!


I may have mentioned before my love affair with cards. Since I can remember, I have collected cards and postcards, they are pretty much the perfect purchase! They cost very little (even the fancy ones!), are a memento of places and experiences you have had, take up very little space and have an infinite number of uses! I see them as mini pieces of art 🙂 I literally pick them up EVERYWHERE. Kitschy, vintage, hand painted, screen printed, trendy, touristy, free, arty, you name it. As long as the image appeals to me! I give them to friends, make scrapbooks, wall collages, hang groups of them framed individually, string them above windows, and just set them on tables. I should probably devote an entire post to my card obsession in the future actually! Here are a couple I have acquired recently, and complete my one of my favourite places in our home, a little reading/wine drinking corner! The left one is from Collected, the right flamingo is from Iko Iko.




And lastly, I recently discovered the $2 shop on steroids that is Look Sharp! I picked up some ridiculously cheap closet organisers, as well as these adorable shower caps for $3 each! One for me, and one for my daughter…


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Natalie xx