Brow Wow – Review of Eyebrow Henna & Shaping at Off & On

Brow goals. Whether you favour a full brow, a thin brow, a vintage brow, a delicately arched brow or anything in between  … a well groomed brow makes such a difference to your look. The great thing is that brows are something you can change if you are not natural endowed with the look you desire. Personally, I’d love to have full lips, but barring plastic surgery there’s not much I can do about them except learn to love what I have … and not let having thin lips stop me from rocking the bright and bold lipsticks I love! My thin brows however, those I can definitely do something about!

Unfortunately when it comes to brows, DIY is NOT in my DNA. After an incident with home waxing several years ago that left me sans half an eyebrow (WARNING DO NOT DRINK AND WAX), I have only entrusted my eye framing arches to the professionals. I just follow along with a bit of tweeze here and there and handle my monobrow strip!

My go to thus far has been a brow tint as well as my regular brow shape. The tint is great because it colours all those little fine hairs and gives a fuller and more defined look, even when I don’t wear makeup. I’m all about looking as good as I can when I wake up because honestly quite often that’s as good as it gets! Having pretty fair and patchy brows naturally, I’m always on the lookout for good brow ideas. I’ve been quite interested in brow microblading lately, I would love to see some of your results if any of you ladies have had this done!

I recently saw a few posts online about brow henna, and then also saw a good friend with amazing brows, who had had them done with henna. It sounded like a perfect solution to me, greater coverage that lasts twice as long as normal tinting, but not much more expensive – brilliant. I discovered Off & On brows after searching for henna brow treatments online and I was quite excited – it sounded like brow heaven! I used the handy online  system to book myself an appointment at my nearest branch – Takapuna – and was ready to go!

From Off & On’s website:


Walking in I was made to feel very welcome, even encumbered by my large pram, complete with small baby. The salon is roomy, modern and clean and seemed quite a busy, bustling place – in a good way! Lots of friendly staff, and I really liked how all the ladies who came in while I was there seemed to be regulars – a good sign!

Anyway, down to business! My friendly brow technician sat me down, efficiently measured my brows to decide how best to shape and then gave my brows a full spa treatment. Wow, my brows had never had it so good, they got a cleanse and exfoliation… a mini salon experience. There was much detailed waxing, the henna filling in and then even some tweezing to get every last determined straggler. For my first appointment, she has stuck to my natural shape but left some baby hairs so that I can start growing my brows into my desired more vintage look.

Overall I’m very pleased! My brows look well shaped and already more like I’ve filled them in (no makeup in picture). The colour is lovely and natural. I do wish they were a bit more vintage shaped but I know this is something I will have to be patient and wait for them to grow in a bit and keep using my usual brow wax and powder to shape them in the interim. I love all of the Benefit range for this!

Several days later, with brow product

Ten days on I’m really happy, they still look very defined and are a definite improvement over regular tinting. At $65, I probably won’t go every time my brows need shaping but I it will definitely be something I work into my regular beauty routine every few months! It’s a big YES from me! I would highly recommend both henna as an option for brows, and Off and On as a one stop shop for all things brows (and waxing, if I did that…)

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