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Welcome to my vintage loving lifestyle blog … allow me to introduce myselfI!

I’m a self confessed addict of all things vintage and retro, a mama of two amazing humans, a pampered pooch and his crazy ginger feline sidekick and a sax player’s wife. I’m a crafter, jewelry designer and DIY-er for life. I’m a hopeless hoarder, a tattooed pinup, vintage collector, a touch rock and roll and a whole lotta country and western!

I love writing, and this is my place to share my vintage loving life with a slice of fun and humour – warts and all. From my home and personal style, to being a parent and a pinup – hopefully some ideas will inspire you … or at least make you smile!

I don’t take myself seriously and am always up for a laugh, even at my own expense. Hopefully you can laugh along with me (or at me, hell I don’t care!) .

A few years ago, I took the plunge to quit my job in the science and technology field and followed my heart. Working in a job that no longer made me happy or fit in with my family life was affecting my mental health, but I won’t lie – being without a job or career direction was also very intimidating! I am now endeavouring to combine my love of colour and styling, DIY and vintage into a more creative life path – with this blog putting it all together in one place.


Some puppy love… awww

My love (and obsession) with vintage, colourful and novelty accessories led to me making my own jewelry. From this I have created my own little business, Retro Resins. I adore creating fun, mid century and retro inspired jewelry and accessories for others lovely ladies to enjoy as much as I do. My happy place is finding inspiration when browsing shops, looking through magazines or trawling through the plethora of online fashion and design porn sites and social media – then creating something new and unique.

My style is probably best summed up as eclectic, colourful and retro. In fashion, jewelry and interior design, I happily mix vintage from any era, with vintage reproduction and a modern pieces with my own flair!

Thank you for reading and sharing my passion!

Natalie aka Miss Lorelei Louise xxx

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. How was it leaving your job?
    I’m considering leaving the local electric utility where I’ve worked for 21 years, to hopefully do better for myself, but I’ve got to say for me it is SCARY!
    I’ve started with Nerium international in my spare time (which is almost non-existent while working a full time job).
    I know people jump all the time. I feel like there is something wrong with me that I’m so stuck/ frozen!

    • Hi Julie, I only just saw your comment! It is definitely scary! Especially if you don’t have anything else lined up! It was definitely not a popular decision with my family that’s for sure! But my mental health was suffering terribly and I knew that a paycheck just wasn’t worth it anymore, and that somehow we would just have to figure out how to survive on less. It has taken me a while and trying out a few different things (I enrolled in an online interior design course I still haven’t finished!)… but I’ve finally found something I like doing and although it’s not much at the moment, my little jewelry business will hopefully become at the least equivilant to a part time job pay wise! Things haven’t been easy financially, but I don’t regret my descision! Life is too short to be unhappy… and it’s never too late to try something new. And even if that doesn’t work out… it might lead you to something else! Good luck!

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