All about cardigan clips! The perfect winter pinup accessory…

Cardigan clips… AKA sweater clips, collar pins, collar clips… I was thrilled when I discovered a few years ago that there was a whole new category of accessory I could add to my outfits! However, much like necklaces… these delightful duos of adornment come in oh so many variations! And although the former terms are used fairly interchangeably, there are some differences to look for, depending on how you are planning on wearing yours. So, here is my low down on cardigan clips and some inspiring ways to wear them…

I tend to think about cardi clips as an alternative to a necklace, only more versatile! Especially in winter, when layering up (for me anyway) means my chest area is often hidden… and sometimes the necklace that might go with what I am wearing doesn’t sit right on top of my clothing!

atomic stars

For the uninitiated… cardigan clips are basically pairs of pretty baubles attached to either small clips, small bar brooches or pin backs and connected by a chain. The length of the chain is variable, depending on the intended use of the clips. Sometimes you may also see pairs of small scatter pins or brooches sold as “collar clips” without the middle chain – this is also a nice option if you are just planning on wearing them purely decoratively – that way you can wear them separately as well and place them wherever you like!

Some Ways to Wear

On a collar – pins or clipsCollar pins

With a cardigan on the shouldersP1020694

With a buttoned cardiganP1020696

Dressing up a simple top or dressmonkey clips

On a jacketAtomic Sparkle sweater pins

Holding those straps togetherclips

On a bagP1020691 (2)

One thing I have noticed is that one size does not fit all! The length of chain needed to hold a cardigan nicely on the shoulders tends to be much to long to clip to the same cardigan when it is buttoned. The direction of the clips also makes a difference!

Where to get them!

From meeeee! (Shameless self advertising!!)
I have so many options for cardigan clips… I tend to make them custom because there are just so many possibilities, and that way you can get exactly what you want 🙂 cardigan clips 2Colourful and kitschy resin fruits, flowers, hearts, animals, mermaids, seashells, lips, bows and more… all colours and varieties. Pretty and simple vintage style domes and rhinestone flowers. Vintage buttons. Bronze bows and autumn leaves.

cardigan clips 1

cardigan clips 3When I started making cardigan clips I wanted to make them as versatile as deer and foxpossible! So I offer all of the following attachment options:
Pins/brooch back with chain
Pins/brooch back no chain
Small clips, facing either direction
Pins and clips with detachable chain
Clips with chain – any length, colour, beaded, pearl…

You can shop at my Etsy store here or request a custom order!



Look online on Etsy or Ebay… there are many beautiful vintage cardigan clips … and they generally aren’t that expensive! Try searching for alternative terms like I’ve mentioned above “sweater clips, collar pins, collar clips”

Vintage cardigan clips - Etsy - Steamcrunk

Vintage cardigan clips – Etsy – Steamcrunk

Vintage rhinestone cardigan clips - Etsy - Troppobella

Vintage rhinestone cardigan clips – Etsy – Troppobella


If you are the crafty type… make your own! You can often pick up interesting clip on earrings in secondhand shops… just remove the clip backing with a craft knife (and some brute force) and replace with the the findings and chain of your choice 🙂 Also check out your local craft store and make sure to browse all the aisles… some of the best things come from thinking outside the box!


Instagram is a great source of inspiration for creative ways to wear, outfit ideas and also for finding other small handmade business like mine! Use hashtags like #sweaterpins or #cardiganclips !