The Weekly Vintage Addict Diary – 27 May 2016

The weekly Vintage Addict Diary is back! I’m going to try and get this out every week… even if it might be a slightly condensed version 🙂

My Week

Another earth shatteringly exciting week of doing… well… not very much. When you struggle with your mental health as I do, it’s a game of small gains! I’m gradually accepting that my efficient periods will come in bursts… and to give myself a pat on the back even in the times when I’m just doing the “minimum” – food in the cupboard, child brought to school and fed and clothed and loved, self fed and (possibly) washed and dressed, pets fed (and alive), husband… well…he’s a big boy, right?

Room by room, I’ve been slowly cleaning out, tidying and organising … and from the state of things you would think this was a one off! But as a person who loves and accumulates stuff … actually I have to do this around once a year! I think a cosy boudoir is so important in winter… so I’ve been making ours hibernation ready… and working on a blog post on bedroom beautification on a budget!

2016-05-26 10.33.46


♥ Lorelei Loves ♥ outlander-600x800

♥ Kombucha (And I’m not a hipster… or a hippy!)
♥ Outlander … the books AND the TV series
♥ Berets – my lazy winter hairstyle
♥ Reading my fave childhood chapter books to my daughter
♥ New tea towels
♥ Autumn colours
♥ Boggle

What are some of your favourite things at the moment?

Weekly Fashion & Style

The chill of winter is starting to make it’s presence felt, time to look at styling your winter wardrobe! I’m feeling inspired by 70s looks, wool skirts, long socks and opaque tights for a pop of colour and texture… and one of my favourite colours – mustard!


Love this look from the 70s!


A great winter look – wearing local label Vanessa Kelly clothing dress and cape and long textured socks! Check out Fran Robertson’s post here, for her post on this shoot and more winter looks from Vanessa!


More 70s… trousers and patterned sweaters… yes please!

One way that I take my wardrobe from summer to winter, is by wearing my skirts and dresses with tights and long socks! Don’t feel limited by basic black… hosiery can be so much fun! Try textured “sweater” tights, polkadots or tartan, or a solid colour! I also like to layer long socks – either knee length or over the knee – with tights or regular stockings. There are so many options!



Thought of the Week

Don’t feed that Drama Llama …


Short and sweet for this week… but don’t go away… I am not going to disappear this time! Until next week,

Lorelei Louise xx