Miss Pinup Outfits – Part 2!

Well here is my very long overdue post on the rest of the ensembles I wore during Miss Pinup NZ back in April! If you missed the last post – I shared the details of my custom 40s style playsuit ensemble for the Beachwear section here. Here is a short video I put together of my Very Vintage Day Out and Miss Pinup experience, thanks very much to Zandy J Photography for the footage.

During the day before the competition, and for the Photo Safari, I wore one of my absolute favourite vintage dresses!

IMG_3600 (1)


This stunner is a genuine vintage 50s dress I purchased a few years back from the lovely Agent Bluebelle. Dresses like these are one of the reasons I love wearing true vintage so much (when I can find something that fits!)… it really feels like a piece of art! The details and fit are just something you don’t see as often anymore!



I paired the gorgeous champagne gold of the dress with red and purple accessories – I do love my colour!











Sunglasses – Vintage from Viva La Vintagedavid-rowe-natalie-okane-img_3610wm
Gloves – Vintage (my collection)
Bangles – Thrifted
Petticoats – 2 for extra fun! Red is Tatyana, purple is Hell Bunny
Necklace – Vintage, reverse carved bakelite rose pendant from 1950s, bought from a man online who’s wife inherited is from his mother… and she didn’t like it! No accounting for taste, my gain haha!
Headband – Purple and red felt delight from Made With Love NZ



As I mentioned in my last post, all of my outfits were inspired by Marilyn Monroe, both from her movie costumes, and her casual wear. My daywear section was inspired by the costumes of Gentleman Prefer Blondes (although, now of course, we know they prefer redheads right!)
Now, I’d actually die to own every single one of MM’s and Jane Russell’s outfits in that movie. One of the reasons it came to mind is that every one of the many outfits is so polished, classy, and divinely accessorised!


Those gold cuffs are amazing, and seem so era spanning… they equally could be from Cleopatra, or modern day.

I found the perfect dress at Viva La Vintage and went from there. I went for inspired rather than literal!

marilyn gpb1 marilyn gpb2











Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of several of my outfits at the actual event. But luckily my beautiful friend Katy (and best ever makeup artist!) was happy to take these snaps for me… and got the details perfectly.



DSCN4541 DSCN4544 DSCN4545 DSCN4546


Dress – Vintage – Viva La Vintage
Leopard scarf and brooch – own collection
Leopard muff – Linda McCarthy Costumier (custom)
Shoes – Pinup Couture
Gloves – Vintage – own collection
Gold cuffs and hoop earrings – Lovisa
Hat/fascinator with polkadot netting – Tock Tick Vintage

My talent section, being a “Transformation”, had 2 outfits! The first was overalls, Bomb Girl style with work boots and a headscarf covering my do. And of course, an embroidered name badge with “Lorelei” on it! During my skit, I whipped it off to uncover my va-va-voom red sequin number – ready for a night out dancing!




DSCN4560 DSCN4563 DSCN4573


Lastly, just quickly, here is my evening wear!


Miss T Pinups – Opera Studio

Gown – Pinup Girl Clothing
Silver fox fur, bronze satin gloves and (not pictured) brown velvet heels, brown beaded evening bag all Tock Tick Vintage
Peacock fascinator – custom by Pop That Cassette

I hope you enjoyed this post. My favourite thing is mixing up vintage, reproduction, modern and custom fashion to create my own looks, so this was the perfect opportunity to really have some fun!

If the Very Vintage Day Out seems like a long time ago, or if you missed it – here is the fabulous Monique Sweet presenting some highlights for Very Vintage TV!

Love, Lorelei xx